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Quiz 3 Study Guide

English 1302.39
Study Guide for Quiz 3
April 6, 2018
Research Essay:
--three ways of importing information from sources, and a brief definition of each
Direct quotation (in the sources words)
Paraphrase (in your words, at the same length)
Summary (in your words at reduced length)
--rhyme scheme-arrangement
--personification-attribution of human qualities to non-humans
The Sonnet:
--sonnet length-15 lines
--metrical pattern of the sonnet-Iambic Pentameter
--meanings of these terms: octave, sestet, quatrain, couplet
8 lines, The last 6 lines, four lines, Two lines
--the “turn” of a sonnet
Line 13
--two traditional locations (by line numbers) of sonnet turns
9th and 13th line
“That Time of year”:
Relationship with one partner is advanced
--three metaphors characterizing the situation
Autumn, Twilight, Embers
“When I Consider”:
--two important biographical facts about the author, John Milton
Very religious background, In his early 30s he was going blind
--a use of personification
Personified Patience