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English 6 Q3 M1 (Context Clues)

Module 1
Context Clues
Buhangin Central ES SPED Center
Calinan National High School
Talomo Central Elementary School
An ADM learning material developed by DepEd-Davao City LRMDS
Context Clues
Information about this ADM learner’s material:
I. Objectives:
Ia. Content Standards
Ib. Performance Standards
Ic. Learning Competencies/
II. Content / Topic
The learner demonstrates an
understanding that words are
composed of different parts and their
meaning changes based on context.
The learner . . .
- infer meaning of various words
through context clues.
EN6V-IIIi- 12.3.3
Infer meaning of content specific
terms using
- context clues
Context Clues
In this module, you are expected to learn how to get the meaning
of words through context. This will help you use context clues, which
means to get the meaning of words as it is used with the other words.
 Infer meaning of various words through context clues.
 Show tact when communicating with others.
Let us see if you can answer this. Read the following sentences and
encircle the letter of the correct answer.
1. There were clothes on the floor, books under the bed and toys
scattered everywhere. Her mom told her that she really needed to
keep her room.
What does the word keep mean?
a. clean
c. look at
b. leave
d. stare
2. Grandma’s best porcelain were wrapped in newspaper and placed
carefully in a box. The workman put a big sticker with the word
“fragile” on it so they would remember to handle it carefully.
The word fragile means:
a. heavy
c. breakable
b. clean
d. durable
3. The new kitten was sweet but very shy when they first brought her
home. She ran under the bed right away and they had to coax her
witty treats to get her to come out.
The word coax means:
a. turn off
c. cover
b. feed her
d. encourage
4. All of his best friends were going to the basketball game and Sam
wanted to go too. He started to plead with his mom and dad to let
him go but they said the whole family was going on a picnic and he
had to come too.
The word plead means:
a. ignore
c. order
b. demand
d. whisper
5. It was almost Mother’s Day and I forgot to ask my Dad to take me
to the store to choose a card. I intended to find a really pretty card
with pink roses, which is my mom’s favorite flower. Since it’s too
late, I’m planning to make one instead.
The word intended means:
a. unplanned
c. your goal/ plan
b. to understand
d. don’t want to happen
Let us try another exercise.
Read the sentences carefully. Identify the meaning of the underlined
word by writing the letter of the correct answer on the blank space
before the number.
_________1. As we walked through the woods, the scoutmaster told
the boys to be cautious and watch out for snakes.
a. careful
b. thoughtful
c. quiet
d. slow
_________2. All the birds have abandoned the land. They have to
look for another place to live.
a. uninhibited
b. arrived
c. stayed
d. continued
_________3. Many people suffered during the drought. The plants
have wilted and the rivers and brooks had dried up.
a. hurricane
b. flood
c. strong typhoon
d. lack of rainfall
________4. He has a good table manner. He doesn’t talk with his
mouth full of food.
a. a kind of sort of item
b. a characteristic way of acting
c. social conduct
d. styled
_________5. With all this rain, it is apparent that our Camping Trip
will be postponed.
a. obvious
b. unclear
c. imperative
d. wonderful
Are you done?
Check your work using the Key to Corrections.
Well, you did just fine. Don’t worry, the rest of this module will show you
several ways to discover meanings of word using context.
Last year, the Girl Scouts of the Philippines celebrated
their anniversary with a journey. The purpose or point of
this trip was to explore the virgin forests of Palawan since it
has not been touched by loggers. Many of the Girl Scouts
who went were independent girls and did not need help in
doing basic or essential things like cooking and hiking.
Leaning the meaning of cooperation help to make their
trip a success. By working together well, most of them
learned much and enjoyed the trip. They learned the value
of preserving or taking care of our forests to avoid floods
and soil erosion.
Look at the underlined words of this paragraph. Can you guess the
meaning of the underlined word?
If you have read carefully the sentences you can infer the meaning of
the underlined words.
The word purpose could easily mean point of this trip.
Virgin forests mean it has not been touched by loggers.
Independent would mean they did not need help.
And preserving which means taking care.
Here is what to do when you come to a word you don’t know. Study the
word or sentences around it.
Let us study more.
1. I felt totally alienated during the meeting because they rejected my
2. Ron knew that he would be apprehended. the police came to serve
a warrant of arrest.
In sentence number 1, the meaning of the word alienated can be
inferred through the word rejected. In sentence number 2, the meaning
of the word apprehended is determined through the word arrest.
Therefore, to get the meaning of a new or unfamiliar word, examine the
words that precede or follow it.
There are several types of context clues which can be used to infer word
meaning. Study the following types of context clues below.
1. Definition - the meaning or explanation of the word is found in the
sentence itself.
An indigent is a needy person whom our local government gives
top priority.
If you have observed the word indigent is defined within the
sentence. Therefore, you can infer that an indigent is a needy
2. Synonym - the meaning of the unfamiliar word is expressed
through words with the same meaning in the sentence.
They went to Davao City to witness Kadayawan Festival. An
annual celebration in the city.
When we say synonym, it is a word or phrase which means
exactly or nearly the same meaning with the unfamiliar word. In this
sentence, the word festival means the same with celebration.
3. Antonym - the meaning of an unknown word is understood
through the given opposite meaning. The words but, while,
however are often used to show opposite meaning.
Maryanne is physically feeble but her eagerness makes her
When we say antonym, it is the opposite meaning of the word. In this
sentence energetic is the antonym of the word feeble. Therefore, you
can infer that being feeble is not energetic.
Description- the new term may be formally defined, or
sufficient explanation may be given within the sentence or in the
following sentence. Clues to definition include “that is,” commas,
dashes, and parentheses.
The factory supervisor demanded an inspection, which is
a careful and critical examination of all of the meats processed
each day.
It is clearly stated the word inspection is defined as a careful and
critical examination in the sentence.
5. Inference or tone or mood- to identify the meaning of a new
word it is important to know the tone or mood of a sentence or
It had the closed atmosphere of a convent. The big gates are
closed and there is total silence. You feel alone in the
secluded place.
In the sentence, the words convent, closed, silence and alone give you a
clue to the meaning of secluded.
Now, let us do some exercises.
Write the correct word or phrase that gives a clue to the meaning of the
underlined word.
1. Why are you reluctant to approach Thea? Don’t hesitate because
she is very kind.
____________________ (Your answer here)
2. Our contestant is vying for the highest title. She is working hard to
achieve it.
3. If you swap or exchange your letter stamps with others, you will
gain new friends.
4. Fredo is so absent-minded that he forgets where things are.
5. The curtain is translucent. We can see through it the beautiful
scenery of the garden.
6. President Rodrigo Duterte was accompanied by a retinue of
government officials. The escorts will accompany him to the
7. If you want to see exotic plants, go to Davao City. There, you will
find the strangest kinds of flowers.
8. Last month, the epidemic in the city was caused by a lack of clean
drinking water. Through the effort of the City health office, the
spread of the contagious disease was controlled right away.
9. The design of the cloth is symmetrical. The regularity of its form is
pleasing to the eye.
10.The noise suddenly subsided. The arrival of the teacher
diminished the unpleasant sound.
Check your work using the Key to Corrections.
Continue working on the module to learn more.
A. Using context clues, determine the meaning of the italicized words.
Encircle the letter of the correct answer.
1. To emulate good deeds is a very noble task.
a. imitate
c. follow
b. accept
d. obey
2. He was the brightest in his class so he was accelerated to the
next grade level.
a. assigned
c. repeated
b. promoted
d. asked
3. That fellow is a very impatient man. He hates to wait during
a. restless
b. hard to please
c. always come on time
d. annoyed because of delay
4. The light is very glaring. I have to use my sunglasses.
a. very dim
c. quiet dark
b. very bright
d. over lighted
5. Scan your books for a quick response.
a. bring
c. look over
b. locate
d. carry
6. They submitted their petition to the Parish Priests.
a. gift
c. request
b. favor
d. command
7. Jane was a wizard at games. She mastered the game in no
a. evil magician
c. average player
b. gifted person
d. play master
8. The fight in Marawi City will be imprinted in our history.
a. shocked
c. fixed
b. looked
d. weighed
9. The Science Voyager has a simulation on the stars and
constellation. They provided sound equipment and special
a. real
c. program
b. trick
d. imitation
10. A combination of fog and industrial smoke, called smog,
has vitiated the air in and around many big cities.
a. concentrate
c. replace
b. fill up
d. contaminate
How well did you answer the activity?
Check your work using the Key to Corrections.
A context clue is a clue or hint from the sentence that
helps you to figure out words that you don’t know.
Context clues help you figure out the meaning of a word
by relating it to other words in the sentence or this simply
means that we get the meaning of a word by studying its
relationship with other words in the sentence.
The different type of context clues which can be used to
infer word meanings are:
1. definition or explanation
2. synonym
3. antonym or comparison and contrast
4. description
5. inference of tone or mood
A. Identify the meaning of the underlined words through context clues by
writing the letter of the correct answer on the blank before the
number. Then, encircle the word or phrase that gives clue to the
meaning of the underlined word.
_____1. My pet cat had been astray since last week. Have you
seen it wandering around?
a. on course
c. right
b. straight
d. vanished
_____2. The hunters followed the trail up the mountains a long,
rugged track of rough land.
a. route
c. finish
b. advance
d. shorten
_____3. Some people are perplexed about the move of the
government on federalism and others do not understand
a. unhappy
c. delighted
b. puzzled
d. happy
_____4. Vegetation is flourishing as a result of the recent rains.
Now, the farmers are happy to see the plants bearing
a. flora
c. abstract
b. inanimate
d. plantation
_____5. Why don’t you use indigenous materials for your project?
There are many local materials around.
a. primitive
c. artificial
b. foreign
d. unnatural
B. Choose the meaning of the underlined words. Encircle the letter
of the correct answer.
1. The long-term effects of the volcanic eruption is still evident.
a. aftermath
c. catastrophe
b. results
d. disaster
2. The easiest means of entrance to the theater is through the
a. recess
c. alternative
b. access
d. doorway
3. Pepper and vinegar are used as seasoning for food.
a. garnishing
c. condiment
b. toppings
d. nutrients
4. The municipality of Davao City issued a regulation that disposal
of garbage should be done 6:30 in the evening to 8:00.
a. thrust
c. reminder
b. ordinance
d. advertisement
5. The inheritance left by Don Luis is quite a fortune.
a. privilege
c. benefit
b. prophecy
d. legacy
How well did you do?
Find out using the Key to Corrections.
You did very well!
Read the paragraph below. Then match column A with column B.
Write only the letter of the correct answer before the number.
What is Water Pollution?
“Water Pollution is the contamination of water bodies (e.g.,
lakes, rivers, oceans, aquifers and groundwater). It occurs when
pollutants are directly or indirectly discharged into water bodies
without adequate treatment to remove harmful compounds. This
phenomenon affects plants organisms living in these bodies of
water. In almost all cases the effect is detrimental not only to
individual species and populations, but also to the natural
biological communities.”
Column A
1. contamination
2. pollutants
3. treatment
4. phenomenon
5. detrimental
Column B
a. harmful
b. cure
c. occurrence
d. epidemic
e. hazardous waste
Check your work and rate yourself using the Key to Corrections
Answer Key
1. C
2. C
3. D
4. B
5. C
1. A
2. A
3. D
4. C
5. A
1. hesitate
2. working hard
3. exchange
4. forgets
5. see through
6. escorts
7. strangest kinds
8. spread of contagious disease
9. regularity of its form
10. diminished
1. A
2. B
3. D
4. B
5. C
6. C
7. B
8. C
9. D
10. D
1. D
2. A
3. B
do not
4. A
5. A
1. D
2. E
3. B
4. C
5. A
Distance Education for Elementary Schools-Self- Instructional
Materials, English VI
Skill Builders for Efficient Reading 2004- Phoenix Learning Package
Essential English 6, 2015.