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Production- Creating your proposal

Licenciatura en Bilingüismo con énfasis en inglés
Research foundations course
Developing a research question
Coming up with a good research question may not look as easy as it seems. It must be broad enough to
give you scope to explore but narrow enough to be manageable.
Use the following aspects as a basis:
 Subject
 Theme
 Context
 Topic
 Research questions
The following chart may help you too:
5Ws: answer the following questions:
Who does your topic impact?
Who cares about your topic?
What is influenced by or influences your topic?
When was or is your topic relevant?
Where is your topic relevant?
Why is your topic important?
Free writing: write continuously for a set amount of time.
Ignore grammar and spelling. Write what you know and identify
gaps and questions to pursue.
Mind mapping: a visual form of brainstorming. Include related
subtopics, concepts and words and connect to them to your topic
1. What is your topic of interest?
Our topic of interest is The Concept of Bilingualism in Indigenous Communities from the Kima Drua
Embera Chamí community located in Obando, Valle del Cauca, Colombia.
2. Create an upside-down pyramid with the above aspects
Subject: Language
Theme: Second Language Learning
Context: Process of Learning in Indigenous Communities
Topic: Concept of Bilingualism in Indigenous Communities
Research question: What is the concept that indigenous
communities have about bilingualism and how do they learn
Spanish as their second language?
3. Based on your exploration of this topic so far, what do you need to learn more about in order to answer your
research question? Write down at least two aspects of your topic that need further research.
Based on the literature review and articles reviewed so far, important aspects need further research,
these aspects are:
Language learning theories.
Intercultural theories.
Language and literacy teaching for indigenous communities.
The teaching of Spanish as a second language in an indigenous bilingual intercultural curriculum.