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Amazon as an employer case solution

Case Analysis
Managing People
of Organization
at Work (H501)
of Business Administration, University of Dhaka.
Individual assignment on Management of Organization as part of the course (W501)
Case Ananlysis
Managing People at Work
Case Title:
Prepared for
Mrs. Sutapa Bhattacharjee
Associate Professor,IBA.
Prepared by
Eikhane name deoa
Aug 26, 2020
Mrs. Sutapa Bhattacharjee
Associate Professor,
Institute of Business Administration,
University of Dhaka.
Subject: Submission of the Case Analysis
Respected Faculty,
We would like to take this opportunity to present to you this analysis as part of the Managing
people at work (H501) course requirement. We have completed writing this with the help of
various tools, websites and our experiences.
In the development of this analysis, we have tried our best to follow the guidelines you
provided with and to comply with your lofty standards. We sincerely hope that this analysis
meets your expectations.
Sincerely yours,
Eikhane name deoa lagbe
Section: B
MBA 62D Batch
Institute of Business Administration
University of Dhaka
Amazon.com, Inc. is an American multinational technology company based in
Seattle, Washington. Amazon focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital
streaming, and artificial intelligence.
The New York Times’ expose of working conditions inside Amazon has set off a
tsunami of discussion about how far corporate America is willing to push
employees to excel. The piece describes a dystopian universe where Amazon
employees are encouraged to anonymously report on each other through the
company’s Big Brother-esque management software; where people are put on
notice that their jobs are on the line when they’re distracted by personal crises
like cancer or a stillborn child; and steady turnover is characterized as
“purposeful Darwinism.”
Amazon has faced through the years from its allegedly “ruthless” and
“oppressive” treatment of employees.
Given this situation, two very important questions have risen:
1) Would Amazon continue to be a competitive employer and offer an
attractive employee value proposition?
2) Did the strategy of keeping employees on the edge always result in
In this analysis, we have thoroughly discussed about these questions and we
have expressed our own thoughts regarding the given scenario.
Problem Identification:
Unreasonably high standards and expectations.
Overly forthright leadership.
Breeding unhealthy competition among co-workers.
Insensitive management.
Favoring criticism over harmony.
Lack of benefits.
Disregarding employees' need for work-life balance.
Lack of praise.
Given this situation:
1) Would Amazon continue to be a competitive employer and
offer an attractive employee value proposition?
The answer of this question is subjective to employees’ age, experience,
workaholism, thirst for appreciation and recognition and most importantly
To most of the employees, for example: experienced candidates, Amazon
would not be a competitive employer unless their current work place is worse
than that of Amazon’s. Amazon would not offer an attractive employee value
proposition to them who want work-life balance. Almost 80 hours a week is
disastrous to any human being. On top of that, there exists no equal
employment opportunity or equal appreciation for the female employees at
Amazon. For female employees, Amazon has proved itself as unsuitable work
As a result of the above mentioned reasons, Amazon has already been facing
employee dissatisfaction, sometimes which exacerbated into strikes.
Strike news:
But it would seem attractive to fresh graduates or desperate job seekers. To
them, it would continue to be competitive employer just because of the name
of their brand. Amazon could still offer a strong employee value proposition
because of all the accomplishments it already has. Working for a big giant
would seem like a dream for a fresh graduate; but after some years, the
turnover rate would still rise.
2) Did the strategy of keeping employees on the edge
always result in innovation?
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Link1 : https://www.platinumessays.com/essays/Mgmt-2500-Amazon-Case-Study/19175.html
Link2: https://www.snapagency.com/7-reasons-why-amazon-is-so-successful/
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Amazon’s poor treatment of workers is
catching up to it during the coronavirus
Link: https://www.theverge.com/interface/2020/4/1/21201162/amazon-delivery-delayscoronavirus-worker-strikes
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