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distance time graph

Distance-time graph
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• To be able to draw and plot on a graph.
• To be able to describe how distance – time graph tell a story.
What is a distance – time graph?
• Distance: it is the total length travelled by an object.
• International Unit (IU) for distance is meter (m).
Distance – time graph
• It is a way to visually express motion. It shows how far an object has
travelled at a given time.
• X-axis: independent
variable, the variable
that you are changing.
• Y-axis : dependent
variable, the variable
you are measuring.
• Label X-axis and Y-axis
• Always write the units
• Give your graph a title
• Draw line of best fit
Distance – time graph
What do you notice is
happening to the distance
every 2 seconds?
• The gradient or the slope of the line on the graph tells us the speed or
how fast the object is moving.
• The steeper the slope the faster the object is moving.
How to calculate the speed?
What do you conclude?
Constant speed V.S changing speed
Solve the following
• How far did the car travel in the first 4
• What was the speed of the car in the
first 4 sec?
• How long was the car stationary?
Book p: 85
• 1- section E, it is steeper, Rana moved a greater distance in a shorter time.
• 2a- Amira
• B- David ( as time changed from 15 to 20 minutes the distance did not
change) .
• C- David was the slowest at the start.
• D- amira was the slowest at the end since she covered the shortest
distance in 5 minutes.
• E- average speed= total distance/ total time
• Total distance of amira = 4500 m.
• Total time = 15 min
Workbook p : 41
• 1aDistance = 20m , time= 4 sec speed= distance / time = 20m /4sec= 5
Distance=18 m, time 6.2 sec, speed= distance/time = 18/6.2= 2.9 m/s.
Distance= 16m, time= 8 s, speed= distance/time= 16/8.2 = 1.95 m/s
B- graph A, since the line is steeper which means the same distance is
travelled in less time.
• 1A- distance 20m, time= 4 s speed=?? Speed= distance/time
20/4= 5 m/s
Distance= 18m , time= 6 s, speed= distance/ time
Distance= 16m, time= 8 s, speed= distance/time = 16m/8s= 2 m/s
B- graph A, shows the fastest speed since the line is steeper (it crossed
the same distance with less time)
• 2a-total distance= 600m
• 2b- total time= 180 s
• 2c- average speed =???
Average speed= total distance/ total time
= 600m /180 s= 3.33 m/s
• 2- a- 600m
• B- 180 s
• C- average speed=??? Distance = 600m, time= 180 s
Average speed= total distance/ total time
Average speed= 600m/180 s = 3.33 m/s
A- 20 m
B- the graph gets steeper indicating that the speed is increasing.
C- draw line below the existing line
D- The larger stone will experience more air resistance, so it speeds up less
quickly than the small stone.