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The loyalty og the personnel

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As part of improving the internal marketing system, we are interested in
monitoring the loyalty of the organization's personnel.
Based on the results, obtained using the questionnaire for assessing the level
of staff loyalty, we can say that the level of loyalty is at the average level (56%).
If the necessary measures are not taken, the level of loyalty can change for
the worse, which will lead to the costs of finding new employees, an increase in
staff turnover, and a decrease in the company's profit.
It should be noted that assessing the loyalty of personnel of Joint Stock
Company "Krasmash" is not systemic.
Therefore, it is necessary to create programs for the development of loyalty
in the internal marketing system to eliminate the risks of falling labor productivity.
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Monitoring can become a tool that is able to provide timely information on
the level and structure of loyalty and allow to improve the quality of working life
of employees.
Monitoring the loyalty of the personnel is a set of targeted and consistent
actions aimed at improving the organization of stuff work.
The algorithm for monitoring the loyalty includes:
 Defining the goals and objectives of monitoring
 Definition of the object of monitoring
 Formation of a project group
 Development of methodogical (meTHədəˈjəkəl) support monitoring
 Determing the budget and terms of monitoring
 Implementation of monitoring and evaluation of results
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The results of the analysis of the internal marketing system of JSC "Krasmash"
allow us to offer the following recommendations regarding the directions of its
1. The first direction is the development and improvement of work in
relation to employee training.
The main recommendations include:
 Engaging external specialists to train employees
 Staff training
2. The next direction is informing employees.
Staff awareness events give an impulse to employees to express their opinions,
their proposals, automatically increasing the involvement of employees in solving
the problems facing the company.
Employee engagement can influence the product by linking internal and external
The main recommendations include:
 Establish a communication system to provide broad opportunities for
information exchange between employees.
 Informing the staff about the products and services offered by the company
through the distribution of promotional materials.
 Changing the quality content of the main sources of internal information for
employees, such as Internet and corporate newsletter.
3. The last direction is the organization of personnel loyalty monitoring by
Creation of the Regulation on monitoring staff loyalty, formation of an order
on the appointment of a project team, creation of a project team.
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This slide shows the total cost of improving the internal marketing system of
personnel of JSC "Krasmash".
As you can see, the total annual cost is 344 000 rubles.
To sum it up, implementation of the proposed activities using minimal costs will
allow the organization increase the amount of profit due to growth labor
productivity provided by changes in the level of loyalty and motivating
employees, and increasing their level of professionalism.