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Gas notes 1

Gas Notes 1
The properties of gases are explained in the _____________________________.
This theory assumes all gases are
This means that the particles that make up the
gas have ________ volume. These are not ______________________to one another and the these gases would
not ever become __________________. All of these assumptions are untrue, but allow us to predict behavior of
Gases are
motion. The are constantly
They flow like liquids. The particles that make up a gas are in constant
with one another and the walls of their container.
Gases also have __________________________density. They have large ____________and a small
Gases do not have a____________________ volume which means they can be ______________.
They will expand to fill the container that is holding the gas. They also take the of
container. They have no definite __________________.
Temperature is a measurement of _________________________________ of the particles. _____________
particles of a gas at a given temperature move slower than _____________particles of a gas at the
same temperature.
The kinetic energy of any object is _____________mass multiplied by the ________________.
The Celsius temperature of a gas is directly related to its_______________________ . The Kelvin Scale
temperature is used because its temperature shows a closer relationship to kinetic energy. The Kelvin scale is
always _____________________greater than the Celsius temperature. 0oC is ___________________K.
At absolute zero, the Kelvin Scale temperature is ______. This is why the Kelvin scale is said to be the absolute
scale. This temperature would be referred to as ___________________oC
Behavior of Gas
25 oC =_________________K
150 oC =________________K
_______oC= 300K