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21st Century Literature: W.O #1
Gonzales, Faith Louise C.
11 – La Salette
1. What will you tell yourself 10 years from now?
Dear Faith, how’s it going? I know it's been a little while since I wrote you and I know that you're
oblivious to how much time has passed you but I got a couple questions that I really need to ask
you. Did you pursue the course of psychology? Or did you face your fear and pursued law
instead? Nevertheless, do you still have the passion for your country? Continuing to voice out
the problem of the society? Did you continue to attend rallies? Even though our parents
wouldn’t want it be? Well, just continue what you’re doing and be happy. Every single time you
encounter a problem just let it be. It’ll come and passby, live your life and don’t regret again. I
know there's advice that you'd prolly like to give to me. The future self, who knows how all the
nooses felt I remember every single time you'd lose yourself but never give up, there's too much
good to come see you prolly met a beautiful boy, who knows what love means so don't end up
above me, and write all of those rhymes down cause it's about time that you started living life
Cheer up, you beautiful loser! Sincerely signed, you but younger :^))
2. What do you feel towards the father?
Sympathy and anger. Sympathy because, We were born in a society where the culture is, the
men are the ones who should work and provide resources for the family when in reality it
shouldn’t be like that. Imagine putting pressure on someone? And then getting mad at them
after not meeting your expectations. Also, it is true that no Father wants his children/family to
starve. No father wants his children to not be able to learn. I’m sure the father was trying his
best. It’s just that the society we live in right now is very ugly and poor. I also felt anger because,
no matter how poor you are in life never do crime. Especially, never replace your freedom,
dignity, and virginity just for money. There are too many ways to battle poverty but not in that
ugly way.
3. What do you feel towards the little girl?
Sadness. Just pure sadness. She was just curious or let’s say concern, for her father. Why was
her father not talking? Why was her father not eating anymore? Why was her father always
looked sad? She was just so pure. A typical child who has love for her family no matter what
situation they were in. And to think that, after all that kid has been through, after all the
concern and love she showed she’s gonna end up getting used by her father for the sake of
having money? If that’s what love or sacrifice means for the father then I don’t want it.