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Ningbo Fidek sealing technology co.,ltd. Heat Prevention Products Factory
was founded in 2004, is a professional China Oven Door Sealing Rope
Manufacturers and Fireplace Sealing Tape/Rope Suppliers. Main products
include fiberglass products, ceramic aluminum silicate fiber products,
silicone rubber coating products, furnace door and oven sealing strips,
aramid fiber PTFE graphite packing, refractory sealing gaskets, all kinds
of commercial and household lampwick, etc. Our customized heat insulation
packages for irregular parts are professional and have achieved good
basalt fiberglass coarse sand woven
fabric Basalt fiber cloth
Product Name: Basalt fiber cloth Features: The product is made of basalt
fiberglass coarse sand woven fabric, but the fiber diameter of about 11
~ 13μm, coated with polyester and epoxy resin coupling agent. Model:
FD-B103 Thickness: 0.5mm-6.0mm Width: 1000mm-1800mm Temperature:
350-550 ℃ Packing: woven bag, carton Payment method: Shipping method:
Shipping quality, convenience and corrosion resistance. Model: FD-B103
Thickness: 0.5mm- Before the T / T MOQ: 500 meters Production capacity:
20000 m / month Shipping method: sea or air
Wide Application Candle Cotton Fiber
Product Name: Cotton wick Model: FD088 Thickness: 1.5-3mm Width: 5-50mm
Application: 100% cotton thread weaving, for a variety of oil lamp Packing:
woven bags, cartons Payment: before transport T / T Minimum order: 500
meters Production capacity: 20,000 meters / month Shipping: sea or air
4-25mm glass fiber knitted elastic
rope made of expanded
Name: glass fiber knitted elastic rope made of expanded features: glass
fiber yarn woven, can be used for furnace, coke oven, boiler, chimney door
sealing valve, pump, seal switches and other high temperature materials.
Type: FD-EG113 diameter: 4-25mm temperature: 350 DEG -550 DEG density:
0.5-0.65g/m packing: woven bag, paper tray, tray box, payment before
shipment: T/T MOQ: 500 meters of production capacity of 20000 meters /
month; mode of transport: sea or air
Professional Cheap 2740 Braided
Insulation Pvc Acrylic Silicone
Fiberglass Sleeving
Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China
Brand Name:FIDEK
Model Number:FD-503
Application:Construction, industry
Surface Treatment:Smooth
Type:Insulation Tape
Material:E or C fiberglass
Flame resistance:Not less than 45seconds/25mm
Roll length:25-500M