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The subjective nature of ethical principles makes them a spectrum of ever evolving ideas
needing to be dealt with uniquely. With technology taking over the world and making it easier
for humans to perform it has concurrently made it easy for them to commit crimes as well. This
intersection of crime and technology is called “cybercrime”.
Technology not only facilitates the existence of cybercrimes but makes it easy for the criminals
to get away without being caught as well. These crimes can target anyone, from individuals to
corporations to states. Thus, these assorted and serious possibilities of victims have caught
attention of every powerful actor in governance and lawmaking.
Theft and illegal surveillance are among the common types of cybercrimes and both state and
non-state actors can commit them. In addition, copyright infringement and pornography are
also the common. The serious aptitude of these crimes has caused a stricter defense against
them in the law.
Crimes where computer is used as a weapon are classified as one among three types of
cybercrimes by the law in the USA. The second type construes as crimes where computer is
used as an accessory to the crime. In this type the criminal gets access to the crime with the
help of computer. So, breach of privacy and using computer obtained data would be an
example of this type. Direct attack to a computer with the intention of harming the computer
itself is the third type of cybercrimes.
Cybercrimes not only destroy the victims but have the potential to influence the behaviors and
active choices of individuals as well. Pornography for instance, can impact young children. It
intimidates them to participate in illegal sexual activities.
Violation of intellectual and artistic property has also become easy through computers. People
can now not only replicate and reproduce works of these people after they are introduced into
the world but while they are in the making as well, making it impossible to categorize it as
actual theft.
Cybercrimes have been committed to steal finances from accounts by simply presenting false
information into the database. If a person can identify the weakness in a system, they can easily
get access to it and misuse the data. This process is called hacking.
Prevention of cybercrimes is not impossible. System security programs are installed to protect
computers. Firewalls and encryptions are of great significance for preventing data from being
obtained illegally.
Modern technology has proven itself to be exceptionally important as it not only improves our
life but has structurally revolutionized the world. But with this unprecedented control over the
world we have lost control over the technology and therefore gaining back the control is vital.
This can be done by taking protective measures and enforcement of laws that address
cybercrimes. If we can manage to gain control over the technology, we would be able to take
the best out of it without the fear of its harms.