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Yasir Jabari Cover Letter

Dear Sir / Madam,
As a highly professional individual, with a proven background in delivering consultancy and training in professional
business environments, I write to submit my CV in application for this role. I have demonstrated exquisite assistance,
coordinating offices, teams, and training enabling the development of a diverse skill set. Some of these include business
management, human resource and leadership skills. Therefore, I feel well positioned to apply my extensive and refined
transferable skills into a role such as this, providing a depth of organisational and planning abilities.
I am an extremely accommodating individual with the ability to multi-task and prioritise effectively. I am highly
motivated to achieve great results through the application of knowledge, expertise, creativity and innovation. My
working history is supported by my desire to go above and beyond my main role, in addition to my acute attention to
detail, diligence with time management and capability of working under pressure. I guarantee good listening skills
through participation within high profile meetings and champion team working to achieve the best results.
My complementary academic career includes the attainment of my MBA and other professional development which has
supported the delivery of my roles and responsibilities. By nature, I maintain excellent communication skills, alongside
problem solving ability and decision making. Additionally, I have exceptional coordination capability and show
persistence in seeing tasks and projects through to completion with the utmost consideration, overcoming any issues,
whilst maintaining a professional attitude, attention to detail and enthusiasm. I have demonstrated commitment,
flexibility and loyalty throughout my career, incorporating effective time management, prioritisation and positive
leadership. I remain adaptable to any situation and learn new tasks with speed and ease.
In summary, I feel that your company would benefit from my accomplishments and background and that I would thrive
within the challenging environment of the role. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss my application in greater
Thank you for taking the time to read my letter and I sincerely look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely,
Enc. CV