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Hello, everyone. Let us begin our presentation.
Our presentation will be in the order of production background, product
(conclusion), and question and answer.
1. Product production background
Our group will introduce a product called Perfect Guard Bag.
Do you all have any experience of overseas travel? I'm sure you've heard of
crimes like pickpockets while preparing to travel abroad. From what we've heard,
people who are planning to travel to Europe are especially worried about this.
As the number of people traveling abroad increases to 30 million, the number of
people who suffer theft while traveling abroad is also increasing rapidly.
Specifically, a survey conducted in 2018 showed that about 78 percent of the
incidents were theft and pickpocket.
During your trip for which you have waited with anticipation, if you have an
incident like theft or pickpocket, then your traveling will be utterly ruined. Maybe
you'll get traumatized by the incident and never plan to travel again.
It's this perfect guard bag that's designed to prevent this kind of situation.
Now I'll tell you why it's called the Perfect Guard and how you can guard it
2. Characteristics of the product
If you just look at these three characteristics of the product, your fingers will be
pointing towards the payment button.
The first is the fabric. This is the part we're most confident about. Because the
fabric of this bag used a UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight PolyEthylene)
anti-mortar unit, it will not tear when applied with a knife with normal force. In
particular, the Korea Institute of Testing and Research certified the quality of this
fabric to be the highest grade of Class 5 through the cutting experiment. So,
there's no danger that pickpockets can use knives to tear your bags apart and
take your stuffs inside. Then, how do I cut the fabric when I make a bag? Because
of its high strength against cutting, the Fabrics are made only through a special
laser cutting.
In addition to the fabric, Electromagnetic waves Blocking is an additional feature.
You can use the Electromagnetic Blocking Fabric to prevent personal information
leakage from your credit cards and e-passports by the electronic pickpockets.
Electromagnetic fabrics can be used as part of an electromagnetic lock in the bag.
There is a non-toxic PU foam coating on a twill polyester fabric, so the bag has
strong water-resistant power and durability.
Now, do you like it? Aren’t you intrigued already?
The second characteristic of the product is the strap of the bag. In the past,
people used to take items secretly by cutting out the bag's pockets, but recently
there have been repeated cases of people taking bags by cutting off the strap.
Our products can prevent this from happening. By placing a Stainless-steel wire in
the strap, the strap and the bag can never fall apart because of the wire, even if
the strap is cut.
Finally, the lock. The common carriers for traveling have locks, but it's hard to see
them in normal bags. However, the perfect guard bag incorporates a TSA lock,
such as a locking device in the carrier, to prevent the zipper from opening easily.
3. Composition of the product
There are three different types of perfect guard bag: waist bag, cross bag, and
mini bag.
First, waist bag is similar to a common hip sack, and its size is 13 and 10.5 by
10.5 (cm).
The Waist bag is designed to prevent expensive mobile phone theft by
connecting the wire rail to the mobile phone. Unlike regular buckles, the waist
bag is not easily released by other people because it must be pressed on both
sides and pulled to the middle part.
The cross bag is 43, by 34 by 11 (cm) wide and has increased usability because of
versatile open pockets and external charging USB ports. It is also likely to be
popular because it has pockets that can be fitted to the carrier and a laptop-only
pocket that can hold zip pockets and laptops using an electromagnetic barrier
inside the bag.
The size of the mini bag is 10, 16 by 6.6 (cm) wide and can be used as a
replacement for a wallet.
4. Price and discount events
5. Reasons to Buy a Product (Conclusion)
This perfect guard bag has been made with much consideration on various cases
of pickpockets and theft. We have pondered all the concerns you might have and
designed all the details for those concerns.
There's no guarantee that you're not the target of a crime. But if you prevent it,
you will not be a pitiful victim in your journey. This perfect guard bag will help
prevent any crimes that may come to you.
6. Q & A