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Jesus in Islam Paper

The reading I have decided to summarize and talk about is named “The Birth of Jesus
Christ in the Qur’an” written by Imam Plemon El-Amin. The text heavily focuses on God and his
absolute authority, often relating and using this as a basis as to why Jesus is revered to with
such high respect. The article mainly examines ideas surrounding Jesus Christs birth, his mother
Maryam, as well as Allah’s various messages surrounding the miracle of Christ’s birth. This
presents an Islamic view on the birth of Jesus and explains Qur’anic revelations associated with
The text mentions how there is undeniable oneness of god in the views of Muslims and
that they will accept no one but God. Be it a child of god, a parent, partner or associate, they
will only accept God and God alone. Following this, it is said that all creation was created in
order to serve the plan of Allah. As the entity known as God or Allah, it is possible to create
whatever and whomever he chooses, all they need to say is for it to be. Furthermore, the
author presents an enormous amount of respect for Jesus, as it is Islamic practice to always say
at each mention of Jesus’s name, “on him be Peace”. He mentions as even though he may not
write it down with every mention of Christ’s name, he will continue to say it. Following this, the
author explains how all Muslims must believe in each Prophet named in the Qur’an, as this
represents a brotherhood of a sort. These Prophets have scriptures revealed to them by God, a
few of the prophets named are; Adam, Abraham, Isaac, Muhammed, Moses, Noah and Christ
Jesus. Muhammed is said to be the last Prophet, and as mentioned above, these Prophets
represent a movement and a brotherhood. These Prophets are not regarded to as children of
God but instead are called to be creations of God, or even servants. It was mentioned that
Muhammed had received revelation of the Qur’an from the age of 40 until he passed at the age
of 63. These messages that he had received were noted by him to be continuations of the
messages that were given to those who came before him, Moses, Jesus and Abraham.
The text indicated that there were two verses in the Qur’an that are about Jesus’s birth.
Qur’an 3:34-64 as well as Qur’an 19:1-40. These verses both start with the birth of Jesus’s
mother, Maryam, and talks about how Maryam’s mother offers her unborn child to the service
of God. As Maryam grows, she is put under the care of Zakariya to study religious education.
The Qur’an explains how Maryam was always already adequately full each time Zakariya came
down to teach/feed her. Her response to this was that Allah provides sustenance to whom he
pleases without measure meaning that by Allah’s blessing and grace she receives all that she
needs. Zakariya is influenced by Maryam and starts to pray to God for a child like her, built of
purity. God answers his prayers and even though his wife and he were very old they give birth
to John. The Qur’an says that John will confirm that trust of a Word from God that is coming,
this is referring to Jesus Christ. It also says that an angel appears to Maryam to say that she will
give birth to a Word from God, and that this angel was made to look just like a man. It was
explained earlier in the text that angels are beneath humans since angels can only obey God,
while humans have the ability to obey and disobey God. As Maryam questioned how she would
give birth to this child as she has never been with a man, the angel replied that Allah with
simply make it “be”. Furthermore, that Allah will teach him the Gospel, the Book and the
Wisdom. The text then goes on to talk about Jesus himself and some of his miracles, such as
creating a bird from clay. This is just like Allah’s power of creation as he was able to create life
from nothing. Other miracles Jesus performed includes healing the blind and bringing life to
the dead. Jesus said that it was done by God’s aid and approval and that since God is his lord,
he shall be worshiped by them as their lord.
The other series of Qur’anic verses talk about Christ’s birth and how people would question
Maryam about Jesus as they brought up her upbringing and place that she came from.
However, the Qur’an said that her only response to these people was to point to the child in
the cradle. The child would say that he is a servant of Allah and that he will be blessed wherever
he goes for as long as he lives. The child also decrees that there will be kindness to his mother,
answering the questions and ridding the doubt from everyone’s mind. The Qur’an repeatedly
mentions how Allah is one eternal being, powerful without any peer. He is to not be associated
with anyone else and is an Absolute deity. This helps builds faith in Allah of those who read the
Qur’an, by constantly being reminded about how great Allah is. The Qur’an also says how the
birth of Jesus was connected with the creation of Adam as they were both created from
nothing, Adam being a man with no mother or father. By using the fact that God created Adam
without him being born into this world, it is possible for God to create life in an untouched
virgin’s womb, Maryam. The text says that Muslims are not to doubt these unknown mysteries,
but instead should believe them and whole heartedly known that there is One God and that
everything is within his plan, while nothing may happen without his permission. Muslims are
told to have a high regard for Jesus since he had a miracle of a birth, leading them to believe
that the rest of his life will also be special. This would include any of his work, his death, and his
purpose. This portion of the text yet furthermore strengthens the faith in Jesus and Allah as it
reminds them that Jesus is a special person. The only other person to show similarities to Allah,
an all-powerful being. The text then follows to compare the Qur’an and the New Testament of
the Bible, by talking about how each depicts Jesus. In the Qur’an Jesus Christ is the form of a
Word from Allah that has been blessed to Maryam. In the New Testament of the Bible, Jesus is
referred to as a Word. Like the author I believe that both references are a mixed bridge to
understanding Jesus. The text then begins to conclude by explaining how the Qur’an is the
Word of God for a Muslim, however for the author, the Qur’an is what has him understand and
being to think how Jesus instead can be that Word of God. Bringing unity between the two and
accepting that both the Qur’an and Jesus Christ are the way, the truth and the life.
As a non-Muslim and being someone that was never that familiar with the Qur’an, I
would say I learnt a great deal of new information. One of the strengths of this article was its
profound repetition of how there is only one God, and that there are to be no associations.
After reading it so many times throughout the text, I can honestly say that is has actually
strengthen my belief and respect for Allah. I think that as someone from a different ethnic
background and a different religious upbringing, this says a lot. I cannot think of any
weaknesses in the article as it is merely just explaining Jesus’s birth as it was told in the Qur’an.
There is nothing for me to criticize, but rather there is plenty for me to learn, allowing me to
share the views of my Muslim brothers and sisters. I have a good number of Muslim friends, all
whom are religious and pay their respects to Allah, and now I can say I understand, even if it’s a
small bit, why they are as religious as they are. I think that Muslims are the most religious
people I know and that their teachings have a strong foundation, building unquestionable faith
in Allah and Jesus. I was fascinated learning about Jesus’s birth, as a I always knew about the
more known details but did not know much beyond that. For example, I did not know about
Maryam being under Zakariya’s care, thus leading to the birth of John. I would always wonder
how Jesus came to be and I wanted to know how Jesus came to be in Qur’an. I always knew
Jesus was mentioned in the Qur’an but I never knew that he was regarded to with such
important and high-esteem. As a Hindu, I was brought up learning that there are many Gods,
each with their own purpose and power. Even today I am still learning about new Gods and
their origins, so it is a different view reading about how there is only one God. I think that
everyone should have to views open to learning from different religions as there is so much we
can teach and learn from one another. It would do us no harm in doing so and without even
realizing it we could adopt a new view we never thought we would. This text and assignment
has honestly increased the respect I have for Allah and Jesus, even though they are not
worshipped in my religion, I would have no problems praying to either of them. The values the
article is based on is based on the personal religious views and values of the author, however I
feel that the author did an amazing job at portraying the values and views of all Muslims
through his own. It did not feel as if he was simply talking out his own heart, but through the
heart of his community.