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Digestive System Review study guide

Digestive System Review
1. Define Monogastric:
2. The salivary glands do 5 things. What are they?
The Esophagus is the hollow muscular tube. It leads from the Mouth to the opening of the
4. The tongue is used for what 3 things?
5. What begins the digestive process?
The stomach contracts and relaxes to?
The small intestine is made up of how many parts? (List them in order)
The large intestine is made up of how many parts? ( List them in order)
What is the terminal end of the large intestine and the entire digestive system?
10. List 2 characteristics of a monogastric?
11. The cecum serves what purpose?
12. Humans don’t have cecums, we have
13. The duodenum uses secretions from the pancreas and intestinal wall to breakdown what 3
14. Where does absorption take place?
15. What is absorption?
16. The walls of the jejunum and the ileum have what?
17. Villi are small
like projections, that increase
absorbs nutrients through membranes known as
allow particles to pass through a process called
for absorption. It
membranes. These membranes
18. True or false. Ruminants have 4 stomachs.
19. List the ruminants stomach compartments in order.
20. What compartment serves as a storage vat where food is soaked, mixed, and fermented by
21. The rumen contains fingerlike projections called
rumen wall to provide energy.
that absorb nutrients through the
22. What does eructated mean?
23. The reticulum contains
to promote fermentation.
24. The reticulum has 2 nicknames. What are they?
25. What is hardware disease?
26. The omasum is a round organ with a wall that contains many
27. What is the main job of the omasum?
28. The only true stomach of the cow is what?
29. Name 3 characteristic of a ruminant?
30. What type of digestive system do chickens have?
31. What is the chicken’s only true stomach?
32. In the chicken’s true stomach, what type of acid is added?
33. What does the gizzard do?
34. A chicken has a
instead of teeth.
35. What does the crop do?
36. The cloaca is responsible for what?
37. What type of food do monogastrics eat?
38. How many stomach compartments do modified monogastrics have?
39. List 2 characteristics of avian digestion.
40. What type of digestion do pigs have?
41. What enzyme is present in saliva?
42. What does the enzyme rennin do?
43. List 2 pancreatic juices and what they do
or “
44. What is Bile?
45. Where would you find chyme?
46. What is chyme?
47. What does pepsin do?
48. Give 2 examples of a ruminant?
49. Give 2 examples of a modified monogastrics?
50. Give 2 examples of an avian?
51. Give 2 examples of a monogastrics?
52. What are 2 exotic animals that are ruminants?
53. What animal can’t throw up?
54. What does an empty crop do?