Digestive System Parts and Functions

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Digestive System Parts and Functions
Section I: Label each part on the line. Use the chart in Section B as a Word bank.
Section II: Match the function to the digestive system organ.
____ large intestine
A. Saliva with enzymes are produced
____ small intestine
B. Mechanically mixes food and moves it to back of the mouth
____ tongue
C. Muscular tube where no digestion occurs
____ stomach
D. Food is mechanically and chemically turned into chyme
____ salivary glands
E. Bile is produced
____ pancreas
F. Bile is stored
G. Gallbladder, pancreas, and villi help with chemical digestion
____ esophagus
H. Digestive solutions are produced to neutralize stomach acid
____ gallbladder
Water is absorbed; undigested materials become solid