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Government vs Governance

Governance refers to the system of which our large and modern society is run. With that
governance has three sectors or legs however you want to see them. Government is one of those
said sectors along with the business sector and the nonprofit sector. Government derives its
legitimacy and power from taxes, spending those taxes, making, and enforcing laws, and
regulations. The power of the government to collect taxes and in turn having to spend those taxes
keeps the people the government governs in check and satisfied while also keeping the system
going. Now as said before government is only one aspect of governance with the government
having to work together with the two other sectors which can be difficult at times when each are
trained to distrust one another but needing to work together to keep the people satisfied. When
government and the other two sectors work together, they can improve the governance of our
modern society. So, it is up to us the people of that modern society to hold the three sectors to a
standard to work together and to make this society better.