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My Ideal Job - Tuna Yıldırım

I think my ideal job is mechanical engineering. Because when i was little, i always wanted to learn
how machines work. For example, how do cars go, how do airplanes fly, how does the vacuum
cleaner work, how does the refrigetor work etc. So this year, after the university exam, i choose this
If yo are be mechanical engineering you must be good at math,physics and drawing. I’m good at this
subjects. This is one of the reasons why mechanical engineering is my ideal job.
The skills i have problem solving, creativity, effective technical, team working and drawing. I want to
work outside and work with another people. This things are suitable things for mechanical
In the future, i want to finish my department with a high mark and then i want to work in a big
company (bosch, wolkswagen, mercedes, aselsan, siemens, etc.) If i achive, i will be happy.