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Ch. 24 HW
Answer each of the questions in the space below the question.
Your response should be in a different color than the question, Times New Roman 12pt
When answering the questions, make sure your answers are complete and grammatically
correct! Answering the questions will create a “study guide” for you to use when
studying for quizzes and tests. The more you include, the better it is for you.
Once the assignment is complete, email the document to me (by the assigned due date).
Your document should be named:
o yournamechx (for example: lyndacollinsch1)
1. Trace the pathway of blood flow through a kidney, and compare the pattern of blood flow in
cortical and juxtamedullary nephrons.
2. List and describe the factors that influence filtration pressure and rate of filtrate formation.
3. Describe how antidiuretic hormone influences the volume and concentration of urine.
4. Compare and contrast chronic and acute renal failure, and explain the process of hemodialysis.
5. Describe the structures and functions of the ureters, urinary bladder, and urethra.
6. Describe common urinary disorders related to output and frequency.