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Economics in Movies
Lights, Cameras, Economics!!!
As you have learned already in class, economics can be found
everywhere you look. It can be seen in the decisions that you make
from day to day, to the money that you spend when you visit the gas
station. Economics is truly the idea of people’s wants vs the
resources that are available to fill those desires.
For this project, your mission is to find any school appropriate
movie (G, PG, PG-13) and look for the economic value within the
movie. Every movie includes economics; you just need to know what
to look for. Think back to the terms and ideas that we have
discussed so far and see what you can find in your movie. The
requirements for the project are as follows:
 Formats
o Written: 12 Pt Font, Times New Roman/Arial, Double
Spaced, 1.5 Pages
o PowerPoint: 10 Slides (Title, Movie, Term in Econ, Term
in Movie)
 Description of Movie (Story, Key Characters, Outcome)
 4 Economic Principles in the Movie
o Explanation of each principle in economics
o Explanation of how it is seen in movie
 Creativity (Pictures, Animations, etc)
 Works Cited
Make sure that you choose a movie you enjoy. This is meant to
be enjoyable, so have fun with the movie, project, and the layout.
Project is due: Monday, March 16th