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Conformity, Deviance, and Social Control

University of Cebu-METC Campus
Student Activity Sheet
Understand Culture, Society and
1st sem. S.Y. 20-21’
Gr. & Section:
Conformity, Deviance, and Social Control
1. Discuss conformity, deviance, and control as important concepts that define behavior in society.
2. Share your experiences regarding conformity. You may cite experiences with your own family, peer group, school, or
religious group.
a. How did these experiences make you feel?
b. What benefits did you gain from being part of this group?
c. How did this group influence your identity as a person?
3. Give examples of how society ensures the compliance of its members. Give examples based on the Philippine
context, particularly those experienced in your groups.
4. Fill out the table below
Views on Deviance
Structural strain theory
Subcultural view
Symbolic-interactionist view
Conflict perspective
Control theories
5. Relate deviance to conformity. Describe how these two concepts go hand-in-hand in defining what is acceptable and
unacceptable in society.