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Notes 1

Notes 1
Types of stress
You need to have a good environmental press, stress comes from you not the environment, you
need to change the way you look at the situation while at the same time not fooling yourself.
Distress happens when depends are to high or low, like waiting in a line and complaining about
the time. When demands are to high like to much homework this can also cause distress, like the
situation I am in right now. Eustress is a good thing its stress that happens when having a good
time like getting married.
Ego defense mechanism
There is a little good but then a lot of hurt later in life when you use ego. Compensation is when
we use drugs or caffeine to get rid of stress and it might get rid of that stress for a little, but the
actual stress problem is not going away, and you just get stress again. Cleaning and shopping are
also a way people do to get rid of that stress but still that stress comes back because you did not
solve anything and now that problem is bigger.
This happens when you want to reduce anxiety and you deny something to get rid of that stress for
a little but again it just gets bigger and larger, this is like procrastinating and you tell your self its
going to be ok, but then your situation is bigger because you have a week to complete a class.
When you break up with someone and you chase them it hurts you more then if you just let them
If there is something in, you do not like you blame it on others because you do not want to deal
with it yourself. Like if you make a mistake you will then exaggerate someone else’s mistakes
instead of yours.
We are trying to justify what we are doing by saying to ourselves something is good when in reality
it is not. Like for example stealing, you know stealing is bad, but you say to yourself that the person
your stealing from does not use this item anyways. You can say to yourself that you are never
going to do that again and move on.
This is where something bad happens and that thing that just happened goes into your unconscious
mind. This is where something that happened to you and you don’t remember but it still causes
you stress.
This is where someone does something on purpose and knows it, like trying not to think about
doing homework when doing something else. And that homework pops up in your head every now
and then I am doing this constantly and it causes me a lot of stress.
This is where you separated yourself from your feelings, like if someone says something hurtful
to you but then you continue that situation without dealing with it. This damages your self esteem
and that person will most likely making those comments because you let them do it. I also have
trouble with this, and this is probably a reason why I kept getting bullied.
An example like if someone hurts you and you make a joke about that, this is not ok you need to
step up and say that is not ok. If you say your dumb a lot, you will soon believe that your dumb. I
do this a lot and it does cause me stress.
This is where you have not dealt with your emotions and it causes problems for you.
An example of this is when you tell your self that smoking causes cancer, but everything causes
cancer, so you decide to smoke anyways. No group of people is all good or bad.
This is where you focus on the facts besides the emotion, you try to draw away from the situation
instead of dealing with the situation.