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Human Effects on Oceans final

Human Effects on
Positive and Negative
Ways Humans Depend on the Ocean
1. Oxygen- phytoplankton
contribute 70-80% of the
oxygen into the world's
2. Weather- The ocean
absorbs energy from the
3. Food- Seafood provides
much of the world's
4. Transportation- Most of
the world's goods are
transported by boats.
5. Recreation- Many
countries main source of
income is from ocean
Ocean barge carrying supplies to a port.
Impact from
Humans on
the Ocean
1. Chemical Runoff
creates Algal
2. Overfishing
3. Coral Bleaching
4. Ocean Pollution
from microplastics
and oil spills
Human activity such as
runoff pollution can
originate from small or large
sources on land and water,
including motorized
vehicles, oil spills,
agricultural chemicals, and
recreation. Runoff pollution
negatively affects beaches
and ocean habitats.
Runoff is caused by …...
How are algal blooms
• Some can produce toxins that are harmful to
various marine species and humans (illness/death)
• Blocks sunlight from other aquatic plants
• Uses up oxygen when the algae dies & decays
• Clogs the gills of fish
• Gives off awful smell & discolors the water
Overfishing food
from the ocean
creates an
imbalance in
existing ocean
food webs.
Destroyed coral reefs:LINK
Excess sediment (dirt, rock, debris) from the land washes into
the oceans, smothering coral reefs, and blocking essential
sunlight. As the coral reefs die, they release algae from their
tissue and begin a process known as “coral bleaching.”
The affects of destroyed coral reefs extends to many
organisms that depend on the reefs for food, oxygen, shelter,
and to hide from predators or prey.
Notice there is no life among the bleached coral ☹ ☹
Oceans are full of trash. The trash
is broken down into smaller pieces
and they are eaten by other
organisms. These plastics and
chemicals end up in our food supply.
Micro-plastic in the ocean
Plastic is the most abundant type of solid waste in our oceans ☹
Watch the Great Pacific
Garbage Patch Video
Read the article An
Ocean of Plastic.
You can click
on text-to
speech to have
it read to you.
Any hope for our oceans?
One solution in the works was created by a 19 year old
Watch the 2 minute video to learn more about his
insightful solution to cleaning our oceans in only 5-10
Human Created Artificial Reefs
Reefs have been
created off the coasts
to help repair the
damage done by
Off the coast
of South Padre,
on the bottom
of the Gulf of
Mexico, lies a
ship on its side:
The Texas
Artificial reefs provide hard
surfaces for reef fish species,
enhancing overfished
populations like snapper and
You will create a 1 slide poster.
Choose one problem in the
ocean and persuade others to
change their behavior.
You need facts, images and
ways to change.