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Enzymes study guide

How are enzymes important to life process?
I. Enzymes
A. are large _______________
B. __________ _______ chemical reactions
C. are ____________________ - a substance that ___________ _____ the rate of
a reaction without being _____ ___
or _______________ by the reaction.
D. _________________ the amount of activation energy needed for a reaction to
get started.
E. Ex. A reaction that normally takes 50ºC to occur, will take place at _________
if we add an enzyme or catalyst.
II. Enzymes Lower Activation Energy which Speeds Up the Reaction
A. Activation energy- is the _______________ amount of energy needed to get
a reaction ______________.
B. Enzymes ____________ the amount of ___________ needed; therefore
____________ ____ the reaction.
III. How do Enzymes Work?
A. Use a _________-and-____________ model
B. Enzymes have an _________ __________ which has a specific __________
that combines with a ____________.
C. The _______________ fits into the _____________ _______ (like a pocket)
on the enzyme just as a _____________________________.
D. When the reaction finishes, the enzyme and new products separate, and the
enzyme is free to _________________.
IV. Lock-and-Key Model
V. Naming Enzymes
A. Enzyme names end in “-________”.
B. Names are based on the _______________ that the enzyme acts on.
C. Example: The sugar _________ is the substrate that acts on the enzyme
_____________. The sucrase enzyme breaks up sucrose into ___________
and _____________.
VI. Denaturing of Enzymes
A. Enzyme action is affected by: ___________________ and _________
B. When temperature or pH is not ___________ the enzyme changes
____________ and becomes ____________- or does not work properly.
C. Higher ___________ or strong _______________ change the ____________
of the enzyme making it ________________.
VII. Digestion
A. Many enzymes that aid in _______________ help your cells receive the
___________ it needs from the _________ you eat.
B. __________________ is all the ______________ reactions that take place in
your ________. Enzymes help to carry out these reactions.