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Engineering Design Study Aircraft

Engineering Design Study
For Engineering Design 1
Aircraft design – load carrying capacity.
Read directions in fold master paper airplanes.
Fold 2 of each design.
Do test of flight capabilities. (I.E. Fly’s straight level, distance, balance, easy to launch.)
Document the fight characteristics of each style of glider using sketches and notes.
Test each glider with weight added in the form of paper clips. Papers clips may be added at any
point on the glider but must not be permanently attached. You should not use more than 10
small metal paper clips. (if you do not have access to paperclips you may substitute other items
if it is approved by your instructor). Sketch/Note or take picture of placements, you are
encouraged to find the best attachments for each glider.
6. To test, the glider it needs to be flown 20’ (feet) and land in an area of 3’ by 4’ marked on a flat
surface. (Landing area is to be at 16’ to 20’)
1. Picture of all gliders folded correctly (may be no more than 2 pictures).
2. All notes on each glider flight characteristics with and without weight added to the design.
3. Students evaluation of the best design for the criteria given. (Include changes and adjustments
made, reasoning for decision) Should be no more than 1 page.
4. Video of chosen glider flying and meeting criteria.
Due Dates: 10/22/2020