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Cell Membrane Transport Fill In Notes

Cell Membrane Transport Fill In Notes
Plasma Membrane
• Functions:
– Helps cells maintain balance (​_________________​)
– Holds contents of the cell in place
– Takes food and ​__________​ (glucose, amino acids, and lipids)
– _________________ Permeable
• Plasma membrane allows ​___________​ molecules to pass in while
keeping others out
• Water: in and out ​________
• Name something in everyday life that controls what/who can go in or
Organization of Plasma Membrane
• Cholesterol​:
– _______________​ phospholipids by preventing fatty acid tails from
sticking together
Plasma membrane are made up of ______________ that are filled with variety of
pores, molecules, and channels
Receptor Proteins:
Trigger a set of cell​ ​___________​ when specific molecules bind to cell.
Recognition Proteins
__________​ and cell surface _
​ ________________​ sites
Decides: ​“belongs” or “doesn’t belong”
How does your wifi decide who “belongs”?
Enzymatic Proteins
________________​ chemical reactions on membrane ​___________
Transport Proteins
Allows needed ​___________ ​substances or waste materials to cross
• Concentration ​________________​, areas of high and low concentrations
• Salt, sugar, etc. too large to pass through a membrane
• Diffusion: Movement​ f​rom​___________________​concentration
Passive Transport
• Simple ​__________​ with concentration gradient
• Requires ​_____________
– Transport proteins ​________​ substances move through plasma membrane
• Channel proteins
• Diffusion = ​________________
Active Transport
​____________​ concentration gradient
– From lower concentration to higher
Sodium-Potassium Pump:
– transports ______________of the cell and potassium into the cell ________
their concentration gradients.
Carrier proteins used in ​_________​ transport to pick up ions or molecules
near cell membrane and carry them across membrane releasing them on
other side.
Transport of large particles
• Endocytosis: Cell surrounds and takes in material from environment
– Material ​__________​ pass directly through membrane
– Is ​___________​ and enclosed by portion of cell’s plasma membrane
– Portion of membrane breaks away, leaving vesicle with contents which
moves into cell
Ingest​ Food (Take In)
• __________________
Ingest​ liquid
• ___________________
– Exocytosis: Release of Wastes, Secretions
• Exocytosis: Expulsion/Release of ​_______​ materials from cell
– Used to ​___________​ wastes
– Also used to secrete ​_____________​ produced by cell
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