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The state of Texas attracts international students with many preferential
policies, such as high school scholarships and college citizenship fees. When
you attend 36 months of high school and graduate in Texas, international
students enjoy the cost of a Texas citizen tertiary level - two to three times
lower than tuition for international students.
In addition, under the Education Act No. 51,968 of the US, all Texas state
universities are exempted from a minimum of 24/30 first-year credits for
students with international baccalaureate diplomas (International
Baccalaureate). This saves students the time and cost of nearly a year of college;
or University of California, Stanford, MIT .. 15 to 20/30 credit exemption for IB
students ... Information about the number of credits waived for IB students can
be found on the university website.
As a result, there are plenty of investment opportunities in high quality and
economical Texas education for international students.
The Village, HoustonThe Village
The Village, HoustonThe Village is a prestigious boarding high school in
Houston, the school teaching and training the US high school program,
International Baccalaureate (IB) courses, and international Baccalaureate (IB
Currently, in the United States, only 940 high schools are licensed to teach the
IB and The Village is the only school in Houston to offer the program. The top
universities in the world recognize and evaluate the rate of students with an IB
degree higher than successful admission and study compared to other high
school programs.
The Village School is affiliated with the famous American Juilliard Academy of
the Arts, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and the Wharton School
of Business, under the University of Pennsylvania (part of the Ivy League
group). Students who are interested in the arts, science, or business will have the
opportunity to study with professors from The Village's affiliated universities
when they come to lecture at The Village.
Specifically, each year, MIT has 3 challenges for The Village students and
special training courses for teachers of the school. The business courses at The
Village are designed according to Wharton standards.
In addition, the school is always a pioneer in developing life skills for students
through internship programs in companies and hospitals. For example, the
Texas Children's Hospital, Anderson Law Firm, House Partners Architects, or
an engineering-oriented management training program affiliated with the
University of Texas and a business orientation affiliated with the University of
Pennsylvania. Or through clubs organized according to the United Nations
model to help students practice the implementation of the roles, obligations, and
interests of member countries.
In addition to the regular classes, The Village students are also required to
develop their fitness through sports such as soccer, basketball, volleyball,
swimming, tennis, and gym; Gifted arts development such as music, painting,
dancing, musical instrument classes, sculpture ... with modern facilities and
equipment. Each student who comes to study at the school is provided with
learning devices such as a Macbook and cell phone, along with specific
instructions for students to make the most of the facilities above for their
During the American public holidays, The Village students participate in life
skills training, leadership skills, volunteer activities, community service
projects, field visits to universities, International student exchange programs
abroad such as Switzerland, Mexico ...
The school has comprehensive English, SAT, and ACT support courses for
international students. All students are allowed to study a minimum of two
hours per night in the dormitory, those with average academic performance will
receive 4 extra sessions per week with dedicated guidance and under the strict
supervision of the teachers.
Enjoy preferential university tuition and
scholarships The Village
Not only famous for top US schools such as the University of Texas - Austin,
Texas A&M University, University of Houston ... Texas also attracts
international students with many preferential study promotion policies. Most
prominent is the policy of 36 months study and graduate from high school in
Texas, international students will enjoy the college tuition fees of Texas citizens
lower than the tuition for international students from 2 to 3 times.