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Persuasive Essay

Persuasive Essay
The sad reality of our Honduras, a country with extensive
coasts and beaches bordered by two huge Atlantic and Pacific
oceans respectively, vast valleys surrounded by rugged
mountains covered with lush vegetation among which we have
pines and leaf or colored wood, and that in turn in those
mountains are born abundant rivers, streams and creeks that
run through our territory to go to flow into the abovementioned oceans, in general we can proclaim that we are a
country with immense natural wealth but with a bad distribution
because it is concentrated in a few hands and everything as
product of the severe epidemic attacking the Honduran people,
I refer to the corruption and rot that corrodes the structures
of our society.
All the countries that make up this planet without exception,
logically some more than others we suffer from one of the
cruelest cancers that cause death, pain, poverty, hunger and
lack of health, our beloved Honduras located in the Latin
American Continent and that unfortunately we are or we are
included in the third world countries where development is still
does not arrive, but if we are victims of this terrible cancer
that has plunged into the deepest hole of underdevelopment.
The terrible cancer to which I refer and which is causing us
enormous damage and delays in the arrival of the development
to which we inhabit these countries of the third world, is
nothing less than the Corruption of those who govern and they
hold decision-making positions in the State.
This is a generalized evil that afflicts the public administration,
to the private enterprise and civil society organizations and
even religious organizations; as long as we do not eradicate or
at least decrease the situation will continue to worsen for us
as community.
Let us observe how this scourge affects us, while the corrupt
steal the funds that are collected from the taxes we all pay
the inhabitants of the country and that therefore we are in the
obligation to monitor and demand the correct use, we must be
auditors and watchdogs to that they are not diverted into the
hands of the corrupt but are actually used to meet the needs
of the majority.
By stealing public funds, the corrupt take away our access to a good
Health System, that we can attend public hospitals and be well cared
for, that we are provided with the medicines and all necessary, besides
that we have a quality and warm attention, this implies that the staff
working in these public attention centers are aware of how to provide
the service to the user who has already paid for it by paying their
By stealing public funds, the corrupt take away the opportunity to
access a quality Education System, where the youth have the
opportunity to enter the public education system but of quality,
however as the corrupt steal that right from us, our parents are
forced to send us to educational centers private having to pay
amounts of money and that with the low salaries that they earn make
it difficult for them to meet these commitments, and that
consequently limit us in other aspects, they enroll us in private
institutions not for luxury but forced by the deficient educational
system offered by the State, and in its desire to ensure that teens or
children get a good learning, they sacrificed and because it may be
the only inheritance they left us.
By stealing public funds, the corrupt take away our opportunity to
have an effective Citizen Security System, since these politicians or
representatives of power groups do not care what happens to the
people because they are surrounded by many paid guards by the same
State with our taxes, however the people or we who are part of that
people have to circulate around the streets exposed to all the threats
and dangers of crime.
By stealing public funds, the corrupt take away our access to a Decent
employment, which is difficult to access due to the poor education
system, this limits our ability to make the best use of our resources,
that we earn fair wages that allow us to lead a quality life and fulfill
the commitments and demands to educate us, to prepare ourselves in
all fields of life.
By stealing public funds, the corrupt take away our opportunity to
access the existing Retirement and Pension Systems or strengthen
them for when retirement age arrives and we can no longer work,
that is to say, to enjoy our old age in a dignified environment after
long years of work and contribute our competition to the
development of our society. Rather, let us remember the disarray
committed against the Honduran Institute of Social Security IHSS, this
is only a small example of how the administration has been handled
public in Honduras.
By stealing public funds, the corrupt take away our access to obtain
decent housing, with the current system the young people have little
chance of getting a house, and that in some moment we become the
owners of our house equipped with the basic services and
consequently form our heritage.
By stealing public funds, the corrupt take away our opportunity for
our Honduras to build better roads, ports and airports, which would
have the effect that producers transport or carry their crops to
markets where they will distribute them or execute transformation
processes to reach the final national consumer or for export, with
more ease and cost public funds.
By stealing public funds, the corrupt deny us the right to have access
to a credible, reliable and impartial judicial system where the
application of justice is equal for all, that there are no privileges for
the power groups.
Unfortunately the concept that we Hondurans have is that the justice
only bites the weak, it only reaches the poor to the humble and not to
those who have power and money, this situation of insecurity. The
existing legal system in the country prevents or makes foreign
investment to Honduras because no foreign investor in his right mind
would will risk investing its capital in a State that does not have a
Reliable justice, which is rather driven by political interests and
economic. Magistrates, judges and civil servants are appointed not
because of capacity, suitability or honesty but rather because of the
camaraderie or political commitment, this brings our judicial system is
corrupt and not very credible.
Hondurans have lost hope and credibility in the parties traditional
politicians because they seek access to public office only seek to
satisfy their insatiable and excessive interests, without care about
those they supposedly represent, that is, the people in general, is for
this reason the disinterest and enormous abstentions in the electoral
However, I believe that we have sought the wrong path because with
this passivity that the Honduran people act is only leaving the path
free the corrupt, that's why the young people who are the future of
this country we must promote that honest sensitive people are the
ones access to power, but for that we have to prepare ourselves and
become thinking and critical of the stupidities that politicians offer us
in their electoral campaigns, of otherwise they will continue to
deceive us and laugh at us, but the most. It is unfortunate that
unscrupulous people will continue to rule over us that there only
purpose is to raid the public coffers, in other words, to steal taxes
that would serve to cover the above mentioned needs.
In general, corruption is the cancer that we must fight for be
extinguished and that the corrupt be punished with the full weight of
law, and in this way diminish it until arriving at the extermination, that
will be when all the citizens of beloved Honduras will be united, we
claim and assert our rights, that we demand respect of the law and
the fair and even application for all without privileges for anyone.
Thank you for taking the time to read.