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Expectations for Online Learning

during online
While schools are closed, I wil be
doing distance learning. A lot of
that wil be done online.
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! Autism Little Learners
This might be through Google
Classroom, Google Meet, Seesaw
or other apps and programs
for video chatting.
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While I am doing online learning, I
need to follow the same expectations
as I do at my school.
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take turns
Some of these are: use appropriate These are especial y important when
language, stay on topic, wait for
doing online learning because it wil
my turn to talk, and do my best be hard to listen if we all talk at once.
to be an active listener.
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! Autism Little Learners
My family and teacher will help me
figure out how to do online learning. I
can ask them if I have any questions.
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Online learning can be fun! My
teacher is excited to use this new
way to teach me.
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It is very important that I try to
cooperate with the adult who is
helping me with distance learning.
This is new for my whole family and
they are all doing their best to figure
it out. I can try to be helpful.
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My teachers aren’t sure how long
distance learning wil last, but they
wil tell me when it is time to come
back to my school building.
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