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overcome laziness

Make your bed immediately (15 seconds)
Don’t support their laziness
Focus on the actual problem
List the downsides and upsides for renewed motivation.
motivation of others
Monitor that self-talk
Get real with yourself
Don’t expect yourself to be perfect
You are overwhelmed by the situation
Be polite but firm in your communication
Design the path of least resistance
You have a fear of failure or achievement
Create a checklist of the goals you want to accomplish
Learn mindfulness
Know that the work is worth it
Make your goals manageable
Unclutter your life
Use positive instead of negative self-talk
Jump out of bed
Force yourself
Focus on your strengths
Get more exercise
Avoid sugary and high-fat foods
Avoid The Elevator And Take The Stairs
Listening to your inner critic
Walk At Least Once A Day for 15 to 20 Minutes
Old Habits Die Hard
Become More Active In Sports
Use your strengths
Don't give up
Get a partner
Avoid distraction
Leave yourself an easy task for the following morning
Switch up your work environment
Take up an Active Hobby
Don’t Sit At Your Desk All Day
Workout At Home – In Bed!
Set a 10-minute alarm
Swap 'have to' for 'want to'
Stand up at least every hour
Run for just one song
Get a to-do list
take a cold shower