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Story A3 Format .

What: (man vs. WHAT?)
Fill out the boxes above with the 5 W’s of your heroic story.
Write a story that you experienced, or make up your own short story (it has to be man vs man, or man vs. nature,
or man vs. society, or man vs. self), and write it in THIS box. (in 5 paragraphs) (1st paragraph is the exposition,
2nd is the rising action, 3rd is the climax and a bit of the falling action, 4th is the rest of the falling action, 5th is the
resolution. (600 words )
Put a picture or draw a picture in the boxes where it says “Picture”. After you put the picture delete that box.
Delete these directions from the box once you write your story here.
Print it in A3 format for the final draft, and A4 for the first draft, you can print it in black and white (1st draft)
MUST be colored in final draft.
You may change the background colors in this template or the boxes.
Font is 11pt. Times New Roman. Single spaced.