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5 Quick Tips to Improve Your Business Reception Area in 2020

5 Quick Tips to Improve Your Business Reception Area in 2020
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Your business reception area is one of the most important spaces in every
organisation. It serves as the face of your company, where you exhibit what your
business is all about to your customers. It is the real point of contact between your
company and your customer. If your employees are friendly and your office space is
great, your reception office will definitely reveal that.
 It is very important for you to create
an engaging layout for your reception
space in a way that supports the
proper flow of traffic. Position your
reception counter directly where your
customers will see it easily. Create a
free pathway so that your customers
know straight away exactly where to
go, and where not to go without
having to ask.
 Define the flow of movement by
strategically placing furniture like
reception chairs, and reception desks,
and adding some navigational signs to
communicate easily with them.
The Reception Desks, and Reception Counters
You really should try to create an
excellent experience for your customers
and visitors. You need to make your
receptionist feel comfortable too. Your
receptionist will be sitting down at the
receptionist desk for up to 8 hours per
day, to ensure they do not miss a call or
make a visitor feel uncomfortable.
An uncomfortable seating position can
discomfort her back and neck and also
reduce her efficiency at work. It is,
however, important you consider buying
her an ergonomic reception chair to
make her comfortable. Don’t forget your
receptionist needs to be happy to
ensure she gives your visitors the
reception they deserve.
Wall Colour and Decor
Your reception area colour can go a long
way to create a gorgeous look for your
reception space. However, it is important
you consider how you want your customers
to feel when deciding a shade of colour for
the space. Consider a colour that ties in
with your branding – logo, website, or any
other corporate colours.
Meanwhile, don’t feel compelled to use it
as you can soften it somewhat, especially if
your company colours are bold. You can
consider calming colours like blues and
greens, to create a relaxing environment or
something more cheerful, like orange and
peach, to give a lively atmosphere.
Entertainment and Other Amenities
You cannot afford to leave your
business reception area blank. Go that
extra mile to create a lovely
experience for your customers,
especially if they have to wait for a
long time.
A water tank station wouldn’t take
much space, and a small table for
coffee will go a long way to make your
customers feel at home.
Include a mini shelf for journals,
magazines, and, most importantly,
pamphlets about your services.
Lighting is another essential factor you
shouldn’t get wrong in your business
reception area. Ensure you create
some room for natural light, and avoid
echoes and shadows. Choose soft
white bulbs for the ceiling and support
it with some warmly coloured
lightbulbs to create a welcome and
comforting ambiance.
Create space for natural light to reflect
Brighten the room with soft white
A few coloured lightbulbs might also
add some magic.
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