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Falling Objects Lab

Falling Objects Lab
AP Physics
The purpose of this lab is to become familiar and gain experience
calculating “g” understanding that “g” is a constant and how objects
behave under a constant acceleration.
iPad, Pasco Motion Sensor, Stop Watch, Hand Ball, Ruler, Paper, Pencil,
smart timer, picket fence, and photogate
1. Using Bluetooth connect the motion sensor to your iPad. Use the
Sensor to track the motion of your handball by throwing it up in
the air.
a. Save your graphs
2. By looking at the graphs what conclusions can we make about
falling objects?
a. Can you estimate the acceleration due to gravity?
3. Measure “g” using a smart timer, picket fence, and photo gate.
4. Calculate “g” using a handball and stopwatch. Use the fact that the
2nd floor railing is 4.83m high. (Hint: you may need to use one of
the kinematic equations p 27)
a. Everyone in the group needs to show their own work and
have a copy of the group’s data.
b. We will compile everyone’s data, so be prepared to share.
5. Now Measure reactions times of everyone in the group using the
ruler and the “g” found in your book.
a. One person drops the ruler between another person’s
b. Write down everyone’s reaction time.
6. Write a Conclusion about what you learned in this lab and how it
helps you understand kinematics. You should include in your
conclusion an error analysis.