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Additional Activities
DIRECTIONS: Write an essay composed of not less than 200 words about the topic below. The RUBRIC
below will be the basis for assessing your work.
The Role of Media and Information in Education in the New Normal brought about by the Covid-19
To meet expectation in education is not easy nowadays. High grades, on time passing activities,
cope up with online classes or in virtual class on this new normal brought by the unseen enemy called
the CoVid-19. Students may think on why all of this sudden? Even in this circle of hesitations and
anxieties, they think on the educational status of us even though it has an alternative learning thru
online or virtual, modular, blended strategy and other specifies of learning except the face to face
learning? Academic freeze rather! This is the most effective way to ease our difficulties especially to
those students who have a poor internet connections. Just skip the school year in this year and to be
continued once our country seems to be normal, just like before.
All we know that the way of life nowadays is seems to be stressful. Despite of the pandemic, we
could cope up with our studies via the technology. Even now, our generation is exposed to technology
like smartphones, laptops, PC, desktops and other equipment that is capable of learning nowadays.
Unlike before, this generation can be easier for them to learn and cope up with the studies and lectures.
Some students who have a poor coonection on internet connection to held a virtual class, they
cooperate to those have a enough supply of internet to takedown notes the highlight of the lectures to
catch up with students who are on the verge of signal weakness. Thru media, they gathered information
with the use of their gadgets and in that information, it also helps our fellow students to understand,
not only in studies but also in our situation right now. We need to become more practical because now,
change is inevitable.
Media is use widely for gathering information and it is use for communicate, acessing data and the
most of all, media is used in sharing good news and the goodness of the world day to day, time to time.
We can do it by the information that we can get because sharing is caring. Not only in school that we
can get a sustainability knowledge but also in that online sector. I think this is the role of media. Try to
think! Proper education may we get also in mass media. This new normal education, that brings a lot of
hope in our future.