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FG-Quiz no. 1

Republic of the Philippines
Department of Education
Region III
Division of Bulacan
Salacot, San Miguel, Bulacan
First Grading Period
Quiz No. 1
1. Made from glass or porcelain and used in baking as individual cups.
2. It is used to beat, blend and stir in dough preparation.
3. It is used to cut and shape biscuits and doughnuts.
4. It is used to bake cupcakes.
5. Used to cut fruits and other ingredients into smaller pieces in baking.
6. It is specialized for chiffon types of cake
7. Used to bake elegant and special cakes.
8. Used to bake pop-overs.
9. It is used bake loaves.
10. Used in baking rolls.
11. Used in measuring small amount of ingredients.
12. Slices and cuts delicate cakes.
13. A food made from flour, milk and egg.
14. Anything made for a certain use in baking processes.
15. A square pan.
16. Used for glazing fruits, nuts and other ingredients.
17. It has more fats than in its dough.
18. It uses dry heat to cook.
19-20. Two types of measuring cup.
Key to correction:
1. Custard cup
3. Biscuit and doughnut cutter
2. Electric mixer
4. Muffin pan
5. Grater
13. Bread
6. Tube-center pan
14. Baking wares
7. Bundt pan
15. Griddle pan
8. Pop-over pan
16. Cutting tools
9. Loaf pan
17. Pastry
10. Jelly roll pan
18. Baking
11. Measuring spoon
19-20. Graduated cup and Measuring glass
12. Kitchen shears