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AER1216: Fundamentals of UAVs
Assignment # 1
Due: Sept 24th
1. What is the System Assurance and Integrity Level (SAIL) for a final
Ground Risk Class of 5 and a final Air Risk Class of ”c”?
2. The Ministry of Transportation Ontario wants to use an RPAS to find
potholes along a section of Highway 403. The proposed operation involves a 10kg fixed-wing RPAS that has received a Manufacturer’s Declaration. It will be flying 100m off to the side of the highway and 350ft
AGL. The length of the highway section is 20 km. The pilot and ground
control station are located at the centre of this section. Is this a: micro,
basic, advanced, or SFOC operation?
3. Can pilots fly a UAV using First-Person Video devices for Advanced or
Basic operations? Refer to specific rules if possible.
4. Can you fly your 1kg RPAS near a music festival under Basic or Advanced operations? Refer to specific rules if possible.