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quiz # 1 Gr. 2

Quiz #1 Gr .2
1) Daniel is not afraid
a) true
2) King Solomon is a ________
a) bad
3) King Solomon is the king of
4)King Solomon asked for
c) maybe
b) wise
c) kind
a) Saudi
b) Egypt
c) Israel
a) wisdom
b) money
c) house
b) silver
c) clothes
b) prayer
c) nothing
5) Wisdom is more valuable than gold and
6) talking to God by
b) false
a) phone
7)God ________ people
a) rescues
b) scold
8) God is always with us anytime
a) no
b) maybe
9) I should always _______ God
a) ask
b) thank
10) God has always have the ______
a) cabinet
b) things
c) ask
c) yes
c) go away
c) power