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(saturday)fundamentals of business module 3 discussion

If I was in that situation, the first thing I would do is give every team member a clear role of their tasks in
the workplace. Make sure everyone knows what they are doing in order to lessen the amount of
arguments that take place because of ignorance regarding the situation (unlike the team members that
were portrayed in the video). As a team you must know each other in order to not feel anxious or
nervous of each other. It is imperative that you don’t question the goals of the team while also not
butting heads when you are working with different work styles and personalities. At the end of the day
you should resolve your differences try to get better by working on your weaknesses as the leader of the
group. It is your responsibility to speed up the process of how much work the group can accomplish.
Regarding the group conflict video, I most likely resemble that of Emily because me and her both like to
address any problems that may occur during any type work involving a group. If anyone has a problem
with their role in the group or is not sure of their duties, I as the group leader can easily outline their
roles and responsibilities so that no one feels like they are lost and are left to do nothing while
meanwhile everyone else in the group is accomplishing what they need to do in order to finish their
tasks. Using the skill of mindfulness can help alleviate the pressure on the thoughts and behaviors that
lead to unproductive conversations during situations where you must work with others. For example, if
you are in a conflict that revolves around what part of a project you and your team are working on,
being mindful can help you refrain from making assumptions about other people and stop any potential
conflicts and leads to a more healthy relationship. Time management is very important in order to
lessen the amounts of conflicts that is inevitable in situations where they are a group of people involved.
Staying up to date on work, deadlines and especially work that involves a group is the one of the main
steps to preventing conflict. Creating a log that contains all the work that is needed to be completed
during the day can help you stay on track on anything that is going on at work. Setting priorities is also
an important aspect on maximizing the time spent on tasks; as this can help understand which tasks are
the important ones you should be spending your time on. On the other hand, the importance of stress
management is just as important as time management skills. One thing you can do as the group leader is
trying to do a monthly health check by doing a pulse-check on stress to see if every person is healthy
and not experiencing anything unusual. As the leader, you should create an environment where they
feel wanted and needed. Allowing others to work from home can decrease the stress levels of
individuals who are constantly stuck working at an office 24/7. In addition, adding work breaks will give
your mind and body more focus and clarity of your own thoughts. Analyzing all the different types of
stress the mind goes through is done easier when you take some steps to know the root of the problem
and acting on that problem by taking your time by not stressing on little details in your environment.
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