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Unit 1 Resources 7th Grade

7.1 (Babic) Log-in Here: ​https://flipgrid.com/babickrstevska0272
7.2 (Fry) Log-in Here: ​https://flipgrid.com/fry9226
7.3 (Babic) Log-in Here: ​https://flipgrid.com/babickrstevska2215
Kahoot Game Access:
www.kahoot.it​ (Enter teacher shared pin)
Current Event Resources:
New York Times Education
The Day link:
Direct link: ​https://theday.co.uk/?token=MSU80kjjMuMkP%2Br3tfn1kXg5NB5ZQoAR​/
https://theday.co.uk/​ (​The Day NOVA Homepage​)
or if you are off a campus log in info:
user: s
​ hih-ju.lin@nova.edu.mk
password: nislibrary
First Formative Assignment:
Entry Point: Create your own primary source
On-going Unit 1 Assignment:
War Communication Timeline Project
Crimean War Lessons and Resources:
IMYC Research Activity #1​ - (Begin with the video)
● Video​ CNN - death of Marie Colvin in Syria, 2012
● Text​ of Marie Colvin’s ​2010 speech​ about war journalists (students read
independently, take notes about words that show what and why war
correspondents report, then record a Flipgrid Response saying the words)
● Flipgrid Response on the given topic
IMYC Recording Activity #1
● Choose 1 discussion question from the Cost/Effects ​table​ to answer and post
a :20 - :30 response on Flipgrid
War Communication Timeline Project​ (Crimean War mini timeline due)
IMYC Research Activity #2​ ● Reading about Florence Nightingale and Crimean War and informational chart
Guided reading as a whole class with class discussion to complete the chart
● William Russell​ (​Howard Russell Reading as a Google Doc​) - Read the first
couple of paragraphs as a whole class. Then use Google Meet hangouts in
order for students to work together in pairs or independently to complete the
reading assignment and answer the following three questions on page 10
providing text evidence:
● What information did Russell and his colleagues share from the fighting in the
What effect did sharing this information have on the soldiers’ lives?
What criticisms were made against the publication of the information from the
● Come back together as a whole class to go over and discuss.
IMYC Recording Activity #2​ (page 10) - Students complete a spider diagram to show
ways that sharing information during wartime can be effective to gain support for
soldiers. ​Spider Web Map Digitally​/Paper and pencil and take a picture and turn it in on
Charge of the Light Brigade ​Activity​ / ​OPVL analysis
Review Charge of the Light Brigade ​Activity​ / ​OPVL analysis​ (look at poem, etchings
inspired by WHR’s work)