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Executive summary assign 2.edited

The Multi-Cultural Restaurant is a 100 seat wonderful dining restaurant with 50 seat Guest
rooms. We are after providing all the cultures' menu. We will be located in the East of London
This place is in need of a friendly warm place with excellent meals of all cultures. An
area where you have no doubt of not getting the best. A place always you are assured of the best
in everything. For this reason, The Multi-Cultural Restaurant will be featuring cozy dining places
and elegant guest rooms. It will be focused on providing a comfortable furnishings. Indeed it will
be the best place always you desire to have a stop for a drink or a bite to eat and even meetings
for small business. In the Multi-Cultural Restaurant, it has 10000 sq. ft. space for commercial
activities. Also, there is a place for a boardwalk, even a bike path that is about 5acres.
About the Menu, it will be inspired by different countries' specialists. This means one
will be eligible for getting all types of meals from different cultures. For instance, you can
choose a red curry chicken with some basmati rice which is a Swedish meal or you can have,
grilled shrimp with tofu, spinach and black bean source which an Asian meal. The menu will be
changed every 4-5 months but having favorites kept. The restaurant will be working for 24 hours
seven days a week. We will work to have our customers comfortable by having in place soft
music, warm colors, fresh flowers together with amazing artwork from different people within
the place hence contribute to the development of the community.
Services offered in the place are friendly and relaxed. Our management team is people
who have experience of more than 15 years in the food, restaurant and hotel catering hence will
ensure that the services provided are the best. The major part of the business is catering. We will
be providing an international Menu for our customers to select and we are purposing to offer full
catering services.
Our important aim is financial success, we have therefore we believe that offering highquality services and excellent food with an interesting twist we will have them achieved. With
the start-up expenditure of $300,000, we project to generate $ 1,345,000 in sales by the end of
the second year. Already we have invested $80,000of our own capital and still, we are seeking a
loan of $ 130,000 which has an interest of 7.5%.
The management is headed by the Chief of Executive who is the owner together with the other
strong team.
The Mission.
Our mission is to be the perfect place for everyone to stop in for a bite to eat, for a drink
or having business meetings. We will be working towards becoming an international restaurant.
A place that even the government depends on when having national conferences.