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7 Basic Principles of Gov

7 Basic Principles of the
U.S. Constitution
1. Popular Sovereignty
 The
principle that the authority of a state
and its government is created and
sustained by the consent of its people,
through their elected representatives (Rule
by the People), who are the source of all
political power.
2. Limited Government
 Placing
limits of restrictions on what the
government can do –Doing only what is
allowed by the rule of law
 Dates
back to the English Bill of Rights and
Magna Carta
3. Individual Rights
 Protecting
 Bill
the rights of citizens
of Rights – 1st 10 Amendments of the U.S.
4. Republicanism/Representative
 Electing
representatives to speak for the
 House
of Representatives
 Senate
5. Federalism
Balancing the power of the government between
the states and the federal (national) government.
Federal Govt
State Govt
6. Separation of Powers
 Legislative
 Executive
 Judicial
Branch – Makes the laws
Branch – Enforces the laws
Branch (courts) – Interprets the laws
7. Checks and Balances
 Each
 This
Branch is accountable to the other
ensures that no one branch of the
government has too much power.