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9152020 Enzyme Worksheet

Name: ____________________________
Date: 9.15.2020
Directions: Use the video in today’s presentation ONLY, to help you answer numbers 1-4
1. What are enzymes?
2. What would happen if we didn’t have any enzymes?
3. Fill in the table below describing the difference between pepsin and amylase.
Substrate that is broken down
4. List the characteristics that all enzymes have in common:
Directions: Fill in number 5 using the presentation for today.
5. Enzymes are _____________________ known as catalysts, that ___________________ the rate of
chemical reactions by _____________________ the activation energy (which is the amount of
energy needed to initiate a reaction).
Directions: Use the word bank to help you fill in the blanks
speed up
6. Enzymes are biological catalysts that _____________________ chemical reactions in living
7. Enzymes are ____________ molecules, which are made up of long chains of amino acids.
8. The sequence and type of amino acids are ______________ so they produce enzymes with
many different shapes and functions.
9. The shape of an enzyme is very important to its ________________.