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the beauty of
Physicist Larry Shaw is known as t
"Prince of Pi" as he officially
declared March 14 as pi day.
Pi wasn't always know as pi. People
referred to it as "the quantity which
when the diameter is multiplied by
it, yields the circumference.
The greek letter π
is the first letter
of the word
periphery and
The symbol pi
was introduced
by William Jones
and was adopted
by Leonard Euler
in the 1700s.
And as we all
know, pi is the
ratio of a circle’s
“periphery” to its
All the digits of
pi can never
fully be known as
it is an "infinite
In a circle, if you divide
the circumference (is the
total distance around
the circle) by the
diameter, you will
get exactly the same
number. Whether the
circle is big or small,
the value of pi remains
the same.