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HOOT Discussion Period 4

HOOT Discussion Question/Answers – Ms. Shadrick
Chapter 1
1. The running boy caught Roy’s attention because the boy was running bare foot along
with black soled feet.
2. Roy choose not to fight Dana, since he thought it would be a waste of energy mostly
because Dana was much larger than he was
3. The author changes the point of view to give a larger perspective on the story, given
there are more than 1 character and their problems.
Chapter 2
1. Roy punches Dana so that he would let Roy go therefor Roy can chase after the
running boy.
2. Roy attempts to run away after learning that her has to move away from his favorite
place Bozeman, Montana
Chapter 3
1. The mostly likely reason to the alligators being used is the fact that they are in
Florida and that is where they are native
2. Roy’s father isn’t upset about Dana’s broken nose because it’s something he himself
would have don’t if he was in Roy’s position
3. Officer Delinko’s commitment to solving the case of the work site is more evidence
showing how much of a mystery guy he is
Chapter 4
1. Roy confronts Beatrice in a rather harsh way because she got mad at him for a wrongful
2. Dana become really angry that Roy showed up to his house with a poorly written
3. Dana’s mother was shocked to see that Roy a non- muscular boy had caused such
damage to Dana’s face
Chapter 5
1. Roy left to do detective work without telling his parents because they were busy dealing
with the Dana situation, they also wouldn’t let him go if he told them
2. The boy doesn’t let Roy see the campsite so that he couldn’t see or find where they left
Chapter 6
1. They thought the incident was humorous because the officer was sleeping inside his
patrol car while it got painted
2. Officer Delinko decides to take the long way to work because the sergeant only let him
drive the patrol car home and back, so he decided to make use of the trips.
Chapter 7
1. We see Beatrice’s strength in many ways one way is that in parts of the story she is referred
to as Beatrice the bear. We also see this because Roy talks about how she easily pedaled
thro potholes and puddles.
2. Roy didn’t feel like he had to snitch on him classmates to the officer because as he stated
“Didn’t feel like he owed the officer”
Chapter 8
1. Curly would rather not be blame for something that he has no control over by his boss.
This shows that Curly and his boss don’t see eye-to-eye on most situations
2. Roy provokes Dana into hitting him so that he could “get it out of his system”
Chapter 9
1. Roy chooses to take a longer way to get to the bus so that he would be able to sit near
the front and avoid Dana because of the attack
2. I do not feel that Roy brought on the fight himself because all he was trying to do was
stop the conflict between them
3. The fight was very detailed to show how Dana wanted to knock out Roy and how Roy
was just trying to get away and not fight Dana
Chapter 10
1. Beatrice saves Roy again because he helped him
2. Beatrice is an “expert to lying to adults” according to Roy because he has seen her lie to
his mom, and she believed her with no doubt.
3. I believe that Beatrice trusts Roy because he has helped her brother my giving her the
medical supplies, she needed for him.
Chapter 11
1. Roy waved down the car because he knew Mullet Fingers was in critical condition. If I
was him, I would have done the same a friend’s health is more important that your
mom finding out where you are,
2. Mr. Eberhardt is impatient with Officer Delinko because he was trying to figure out
where Roy is and he is nagging at him for the letter
Chapter 12
1. Giving Roy’s personal information as Mullet Finger’s was not the wises choice but it did
help Mullet fingers get into the emergency room faster.
2. The doctor knows when kids are lying but when Beatrice told her that “Roy” sometimes
runs away she was telling the truth and so the doctor believed her because she was so
Chapter 13
1. At the hospital Roy thought with his brain because he knew that without having Mullets
Fingers name as Roy it would have taken longer to get him into the room.
2. Roy doesn’t explain what he meant when talking to his mom thinking about the amount
of trouble all three of them would be in.
Chapter 14
1. Roy pictured Dana’s father to look like the rest of dana’s family; large tough looking Etc.
I also expected Roy’s dad to look like that
2. While Roy sounded mature while Dana sounded like he was annoyed at the fact that
Roy wasn’t as scared of him as he used to be.
Chapter 15
1. Roy has to come up with a plan for the site because he wanted to help Mullet fingers
and the owls without doing anything illegal to do that, he needed a plan so see what he
could do.
2. I believe that the “mooning” doesn’t fit Roy’s character, nor do I think Roy is as shy as he
was in the beginning of the book.
3. When Dana uses Roy’s name as his own, I think it fits with his character because Dana
would do crazy things to keep himself safe from trouble
Chapter 16
1. When learning about Dana’s arrest Roy has 2 main emotions: Relief and Guilt. He feels
this because even though it was, he had the fault of Dana’s arrest it was nice to not be
worried he would come and beat him up.
2. Curly is a hard character meaning he can be a hard nut, but I believe that when you
crake him he is soft on the inside
Chapter 17
1. Cuck certainly know that the owls are still using the borrows but refuses to mention it to
others so that way he can still have the Pancake house under his construction team
2. Roy tries to keep to himself because he knows if he talks he might let it slip why Dana
was at the site
3. Officer Delinko believes Dana is innocent of the vandalism because, Dana’s record was
mostly full of stealing. Another reason is because if Dana is scared of a rubber alligator
he is VERY unlikely to put live alligators into bathrooms.7