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CUC107 Assignment # 1

CUC 107 - Assess 1: Alternative CV
Student No.: S324292
English is not my first language for communication at my
home. However, knowing the fact that English is widely
spoken and the official language of the Australia during my
high school, I continuously encouraged myself to
communicate in the English language as much as possible
and learn as much as possible from my early days. Hence,
developing the skills to communicate effortlessly in English
has helped me to perform well in my first semester and I
understand I need to excel more to progress in my
professional career.
I believe listening to success stories helps an
individual to learn from others experience and avoid
mistakes. The goal that I have set in my academic
discipline and professional career in the area of
accounting and finance is highly influenced by
success stories that I had heard from different
people of society when I was growing up. It will help
me to stop reinventing the wheel and focus my
valuable time in the right direction.
I view the law for me is not limited to the chunk of rules
passed by the constitutional assembly of the country. It is
not limited to the legal system that governs the country.
Law is a set of ideas adherence to which helps to create a
harmony in the society where we live, encourage an
individual to do things which is morally right and ethically
correct. As being raised by a father from army background
law for me is a framework which motivates me to be in
discipline and be self-aware which is very important to
progress both academically and in professionally because it
develops a sense of ownership and accountability toward
by action.
I was born in Kathmandu of Nepal. The city is
geographically situated in the centre of the
country. The place is well-known for the home
of rich, educated, well-mannered and very
important person in the country. Being raised in
such a society has played an important part to
engrave a thirst to acquire a good education,
achieve academic excellence, work for a
reputed company or be an entrepreneur and
contribute for the wellbeing of the society and
country as a whole. Hence, the land where I
born and lived most of my life has motivated me
to travel to Australia to pursue a higher degree
and seek a career in my areas of study.
I am well aware that mental pressure or stress creates
a mental block which reduces the ability to think
creatively, impact adversely on productivity and
professional life. Singing and listening to my
traditional songs has always worked to control my
mental stress and has been proved to be a way of
expression for me. I use this form of art as meditation,
relaxing therapy and to rejuvenating my energy level.
I am self-assured that I can practice these skills more
in future to achieve my academic goals as well as to
professional goal in the field of accounting and