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Unit 1 Study Guide Fall 2020-R

Unit 1 Exam
Study Guide
Test Date: Sept. 18, 2020
Instructions: Define each of the following terms, both literary devices and academic language you
may encounter. Remember, your test is NOT a recall of these definitions, so make notes that address
the following:
a. How do you recognize each skill when it’s used in a text?
b. What is the significance of the skill on the plot, characters, conflict, moral, and/or theme?
c. Why does an author include it? What’s its function?
 Author’s Purpose
 Character Archetypes
 Compare/Contrast
 Conflict
o Internal
o External
 Context Clues
 Cultural Context
o Visible Culture
o Invisible Culture
 Direct Characterization
 Figurative Language
o Simile
o Metaphor
o Personification
o Imagery
 Indirect Characterization
 Inference
 Moral
 Objective
 Oral Tradition
 Perspective
 Point of View
 Proverb
 Subjective
 Summarize
 Symbolism
 Textual Evidence
 Theme