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Calvin and Hobbes
Bill Watterson
speech balloon
DIRECTIONS: In each of the following items, think about the meaning of
the italicized word or phrase, and then answer the question.
1. There’s a three-panel cartoon of a rabbit and a wolf. In the first panel, the two
meet and in the second panel, the wolf bares his teeth and the rabbit cowers.
What would be the most logical conclusion for the third panel? Why?
2. When cartoonists use encapsulation, they are choosing the most effective
moments to tell the story. How is encapsulation used in the example in item 1?
3. What words or phrases could be put in a speech balloon to help further
indicate that the wolf is menacing and that the rabbit is scared?
B.DIRECTIONS: Create your own one-to-three panel cartoon. Make sure that the
encapsulation of your cartoon tells a clear and concise story and that speech
balloons are used appropriately.
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