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6 Application of CCTV in Different Sectors of Dubai

CCTV or Closed-Circuit Television is like a normal TV,
CCTV signals are not publicly distributed but are
monitored for security and Surveillance uses. There are
various sizes and different Features Included Cameras
available, at Cardline Electronics which is company
provides a different types of Business Security
Solutions one of them popular is CCTV In Dubai. We
provide an advanced tech range of Every Brand
Cameras with features like HQ Night Vision, Accurate
Thermal Cameras, Wide-area Capturing and much
When CCTV came new into the Digital It creates a
revolution in every Sector of the Industries. First
Cameras used to connect with a Coaxial Cable and
you can monitor that area on another place end of
the cable. But with new tech now we can access the
CCTV wireless using the internet, in simple terms,
you can see your place from anywhere in the
Security Purpose: CCTV generally used for a
security purpose at different places such as Banks,
Museum, Hospital, Home, Industries, etc.
Maintain Perimeter security in medium to highsecurity areas.
Medical Sector: With every modern system,
nowadays hospitals also used advanced CCTV
Cameras to monitor the patients' behaviour and
For Banking Security: All most all the banks used
CCTV Cameras 24 hours, for protecting a lot of
money. Nowadays, all the banks in most parts of
the world have CCTV cameras. Because the
chances of further theft are very high. Maybe a
thief steals without being seen by a man or a
robber comes and robs, it is helpful to identify him
or inform the police.
Traffic Monitoring: In old times, there are many
accidents happened due to not following traffic
rules properly. But nowadays if someone breaks
the rule High-Speed Camera Capture them
instantly, And the result is very less accident.
With CCTV big Buildings or large scale areas
surveillance become easy by monitoring from one
In old days you have to take too many precautions
before checkout the Toxic Industrial area, or a
radioactive place. but with a drone camera or
placed camera, it becomes very easy to see the area
without sending anyone in danger.
Airports Security Purpose: The importance of
security cameras at the airport is very high.
Because at present, security cameras are proving to
be very helpful in catching drug dealers, terrorists
Hikvision Thermal Cameras are currently used to
check corona positive people at major airports.
Because the thermal camera can easily detect
changes in the human body temperature so that’s
how it helps to prevent from spreading to other
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