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Name___________________________________ Fictional Narrative Writing: CHECKLIST Character ❑ Have you created a character in your story that is well-­‐developed? ❑ Does the reader know what he/she looks like? ❑ Does the reader know what your character “Feels, Thinks, Says, and Does”? Dialogue ❑ Does your story include dialogue between characters? ❑ Does the dialogue help develop the character? ❑ Does the dialogue help explain what the character is feeling? ❑ Did you remember the punctuation rules for dialogue? Beginning ❑ Did you begin with a “Great Beginning”? – p. 8 of your Writer’s Toolkit Problem and Resolution: ❑ Does the character in your story experience a conflict or problem? (Can be an “outer” problem ex) his mother has been kidnapped, and an “inner” problem, ex)the character is afraid and must overcome his fears.) What is the problem: ____________________________________ ❑ Does the story follow the pattern of “Somebody… Wanted.. But… So…”? (See Pre-­Writing folder for this sheet). ❑ Does the problem get resolved in the end? ❑ Does your writing provide a believable resolution to the problem? What is the resolution: ____________________________ Strong Verbs
❑ Did you remember to use “Strong Verbs”? (example: instead of “walked slowly”, try trudged, ambled, loped, wandered) Count how many are in the story: _____________ CUPS ❑ Did you remember to check for correct Capitals and Punctuation? – see rules on p. 18 of your Writer’s Toolkit