Literature Discussion Tables: The Breakdown…
In your assigned groups, you will be given a passage from ___________________________to read (feel free to annotate!) (3min)
After reading the passage, you and your group must:
Answer the first two questions directly on the construction paper (10min):
1) What is the significance of this passage?
2) What is the metaphor/ significance of the underlined portion?
3) How is this scene impactful from the viewpoint of an outsider (like us!)? Why?
4) Describe the viewpoint of the other character(s) in this scene. What do you think was going through their
minds at this time?
Create 3 Higher Order Thinking Questions about the passage from the list of question stems provided below. One per
each section (5 min).
Hypothesize what will happen if ________ .
Predict what will happen if ________ .
What is the overall theme of ________ ?
What is the moral of the story?
Based on your readings, what can you
conclude about ________ ?
What was the author's point of view?
What if ________ ?
Create a ________ .
How is ________ like ________ ?
How are ________ and ________ different?
Distinguish between ________ and
________ .
Compare ________ with ________ .
On what dimensions might you compare
________ and ________ ?
What caused ________ ?
What is another possible cause of ________ ?
In what sequence did ________ happen?
What does ________ symbolize?
Analyze the ________ in ________ .
Analyze how ________ .
How did the author convey ________ ?
What words does the author use to paint an
image of ________ in your mind?
You will rotate to a different passage once you complete one round of discussion tables. Flip the construction paper to
distinguish the groups. At the end of the period, you will have read 2 passages from the chapter, responded to 4 questions total, and
created 5 Higher Order Thinking questions. Split up the tasks to work more efficiently in your groups! (See Rubric on Back)
Rubric for Discussion Tables
All questions answered sufficiently _______________40 points
3 HOTS Questions ______________ 30 points
Active Collaboration with Peers (yes, I will be watching!) _____________ 20 points
Response to a question posed by the initial group (on your own construction paper) ____________ 10 points
TOTAL ____________100 points