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Name: _______________
Group: _____
Fitness Log and Reflection
See directions on the back on how to complete this form.
Heart Rate
Description of Activity
What intensity level are you at?
Tell how the activities/exercises that you listed above helped you maintain or improve on the areas measured in the
fitnessgram test (upper body strength, flexibility, abdominal strength, cardiovascular endurance and body mass
index). Find and state textual evidence to support your claim(s) that the activities/exercises listed above maintained
or improved on the areas measured in the fitnessgram test.
Tell what area(s) you feel you did not improve on and what do you need to do to make those improvements? In your
topic sentence give 3 reasons and a then sentence to support each reason.
PE Fitness Log and Reflection Directions
- Each log will be kept for about 6 weeks which equals to about 2 entries per week for a total of 12 per rotation.
- Each student will keep their fitness log on the sheet provided or enter the information into a notebook or journal
book. The answers to the reflection questions should be typed or written on a separate sheet of paper and attached to
the fitness log.
- Activities that should be record in the journal are activities that require the use of majority of your body - i.e.
running, strength training, biking, swimming, cutting the grass, walking the dog, dancing, going to a sport practice,
cleaning the house, etc...
- The activity must be a minimum of 30 minutes in length.
- You may only use one activity a day for a journal entry. For example you played football in PE class and then after
school you went to soccer practice. You may only use one of those activities to put in your journal.
- To find you heart rate: Locate your heart rate either on your wrist (palm up on the side closest to the thumb or on the
side of your neck) using your pointer and middle finger. Count the number of beats for 15 seconds and then multiply
that number by 4 and that will give you your heart rate for 1 minute.
- To calculate your maximum heart rate (MHR). Take 0.7 X your age – 208 = Maximum Heart Rate (MHR).
i.e. - Calculating the Maximum Heart Rate of a 25 year old - 0.7 X 25 – 208 = 191 (MHR)
- To know what intensity level your heart rate is at during exercise you will need to figure out what your intensity
levels are for your age. First calculate your maximum heart rate (MHR) (see above) then multiple that number by the
following percentiles: 50% to 60% - low intensity, 61% to 70% - medium intensity & 71% to 85% - high intensity.
See sample below:
i.e. - Intensity levels for a 25 year old:
Low intensity level – 191 MHR X 50% = 96; 191 MHR X 60% = 115
Medium intensity level - 191 MHR X 61% = 117; 191 MHR X 70% = 134
High intensity level - 191 MHR X 71% = 136; 191 MHR X 85% = 162
- The questions at the bottom should be answered in complete sentences and include correct spelling and punctuation.
If you have any questions please let me know.